For our latest Kpop Creators interview UKP have been chatting to artist and apparel creator, Feggy Min. 

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Z-CANDYLAND part02 by Feggy Min

From a small town in Switzerland, Feggy Min is an independent, self-taught artist and illustrator. As many artists will tell you of themselves, Feggy has been drawing since a young age, and has grown her own unique style from influencers in hip hop, particularly the Korean underground culture, and colourful Japanese fashion.

Each artwork from Feggy Min ART combines her inspirations to take you into new, unknown world, each showcasing the depths of Feggy’s skill and imagination.

You can purchase Feggy’s unique creations on apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, bags, even mouse mats – and often you can see them worn by famous names in Korea. Fans of Feggy Min ART include San E, ZICO and his fellow Block B members, and Zion T.

Photos via: Feggy Min Left to right: Zion T; San E & Feggy Min; Geeks; CyborgJJung (Model for Feggy Min Asia)

Having teamed up with Studio 88 for video projects Feggy Min has begun documenting ventures such as the Feggy Min Hip Hop Showand even creating a Fashion Film featuring notable supporter San E.

So, here is our chat with Feggy Min …

via: Feggy Min

HELLO MINO by Feggy Min

For anyone who is unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe it?

“Ah I am really bad when it comes to describe my own works. It’s a bunch of random things merging together from my head to the paper. I was inspired a lot by the Hip Hop culture from a young age, and love to portray Hip Hop artists but I don’t do it in a stereotypical way… because I see the world in a very abstract and unique way. I love to mix it together with everything that inspires me, from ice cream candles to old school cartoons, from spaceships to little reckless monsters, crowns and eagles, food… a lot of food, “badass” personalities in cute environments surrounded with everything going through my odd mind. And then sometimes the (not so) hidden melancholy finds it way out of me. There are seriously no limits. I don’t ignore my other interests and what makes me happy just because people think they don’t make sense or match together. The realest I can be is to embrace it all and bring all these opposite worlds together in my own universe. This is who I am. I never sketch an artwork, I just start and see what happens in my mind. This process keeps all my works raw and shows my mood in that moment. And I always look for ways to expand my creativity. Oh and did I mention I also create clothes. Hope this made sense? lol…”

Your Korean themed art most often features those from the Korean Hip Hop scene. What attracts you to that genre, musically and as an art subject?

” I like the lyrical aspect and the more laid back lifestyle that comes with it. I’ve grown up with Hip Hop and even though I love other genres too, Hip Hop always feels like home to me. And I believe the independent artists deserve much more spotlight and I simply show my support and appreciation for their music through my artworks.”

Are there any other genres you’d like to target? Would you ever consider expanding your art further into the Kpop scene?

“I would love to do that! I will never limit myself to just one genre in my works or people I want to work with. It’s always great fun to work with people who do something totally different than I do and create something new and fresh. I want to explore and discover new things as much as I can.”

Your style is rather unique, does it reflect yourself as a person, or any particular influences?

“Definitely! Almost all of my works are a direct link to my own person. That’s why I love to put odd twists in to my artworks and in everything I do, because that’s simply who I am. I could be drawing something serious and suddenly think about donuts and I just put donuts into that artwork… that’s how it works for me. All my artworks happen without any sketch. I have to enjoy what I do, if I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t do it because it’s a waste of the time I could be doing something I enjoy.”

What would your dream collaboration be?

“My dream collaboration would have been with Salvador Dali or Buster Keaton but since both of them died a long time ago I don’t have just one specific collaboration in my mind but it would be really dope to create a short animation movie or a cartoon one day as a project with many artists around the world and call it Donuts catchers or something… I’ve been always working spontaneous tho, collabs also happen the same way.”

How does it feel each time you see artists such as Zico, San E and Zion T in a Feggy Min shirt?

“Having them like my works the way I do theirs is a great feeling. It all becomes mutual. But I am still in the state of being totally amazed every time I see someone wear a Feggy Min Shirt, no matter if it’s a known person or not. Coming from a small town in Switzerland that nobody knows and to see my works travel around the world and reach all these unique people feels so surreal to me and I think I will never completely get used to it no matter how big the brand gets. “

Share with us the proudest moment of your art career to date.

“It might sound cheesy but my proudest moments are mostly the little things that happen. Like, I still remember when I first started sharing my works on the Internet and hit 100 likes on my Facebook Page, that was such a big moment for me back then hahaha. I literally started with having nothing and trying to do the best with what I had that moment, I didn’t study art or had any knowledge about how to create clothes. I love to look back to those times because it keeps me motivated to work even harder and fills me with gratitude for what I have achieved since then. My fans make me the proudest.”

Your clothing is set to be in an upcoming mv, can you tell us about who you’ve been working with?

“We worked with Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul and Park Yongin of Urban Zakapa for a collaboration song between these two artists. The Music Video is really lovely and cute, something we never did before for Feggy Min Clothing, and is directed by our good friends Studio 88. It came out so awesome and I hope everyone will enjoy it and show a lot of support to the song & music video and of course to Feggy Min Clothing.”

How did Feggy Min Asia & The Feggy Min Hip Hop show come to realisation?

“Magic? Seriously I can’t really tell you how exactly… I believe with a positive mindset and focus you just attract the right things into your life and that’s how it really happened even tho it sounds unbelievable. I met a friend in 2013 at my first “Feggy Min” party in Seoul and he helped a lot with putting the Feggy Min Hip Hop Show together in 2014 and we planned and worked on it for months. After that we realised that our visions didn’t match and we parted ways. Sometimes things fall apart just to fall back together perfectly. My current team heard about my work and believed in what I do, they reach out to me and that’s how our Feggy Min Asia Company got established. We are all on the same frequencies with our visions. I am so happy to work with such amazing people. More than business partners, we are like a family with big dreams.”

You’ve always strongly advocated following your dreams, despite the dissuasion of ‘haters’. What other advice would you give to young artists with a seemingly impossible dream?

“Just keep on going ! You don’t have to know how you will reach your dreams, but if you keep on believing in yourself and your visions the right circumstances & people will find their way into your life to lead you to the right places. A strong faith in yourself and to love what you do is the key. I remember the days where I’ve been drawing till my fingers were bleeding and I couldn’t keep my eyes open from tiredness (nothing has changed about that though hahaha). Put all your passion into what you do and don’t fall victim to your own excuses and doubts. There is no excuse, you just gotta start somewhere. Nothing happens over night, it needs dedication and patience. Oh and make sure to have fun. Lots of fun!

What does the future hold for Feggy Min ART?

“We are working really hard with the Feggy Min Asia Team on so many projects and continue to bring our visions into life. “Feggy Min” is in a state of transforming from being just my name into something much bigger, almost like a Movement to show you that nothing is impossible. I just hope that I can bring more happiness and color into people’s life even in the future. This is my biggest aim.”


Here is the Uniqnote mv featuring Feggy Min’s clothing:



Do you have a favourite Feggy Min ART piece?

Don’t forget to follow Feggy’s work via her Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & YouTube. If you want to grab yourself some Feggy Min ART goodies check the Feggy Min online store.



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