It seems hip hop label BrandNew Music cannot go wrong of late (as a BNM fan this week’s Weekly Idol writer insists on reserving judgement on THAT scandal until its official outcome) and the solo debut of Hanhae is just further proof of their dominance.

[Jung] Hanhae is the youngest member of hybrid hip hop group PHANTOM. Hanhae began his journey in the Korean music world at BrandNew Stardom, as a trainee with Block B. As BrandNew and Stardom parted ways Hanhae chose to part with BrandNew, believing he did not match the ‘colour’ of Block B, and hoping he would find he fit into music better elsewhere given chance to explore his own talents.

Since 2011 Hanhae has been a vocalist, and rapper, with the somewhat unique trio. As January came to a close Hanhae released his first solo offering, after spending an entire year working on the aptly named 365 album.

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365 does not conform to the styling of his group, Hanhae chose to display his own style and colour in the album, stating he made it ‘without worrying about deliberation’, the songs speak his personal and honest feelings.

The stream of writing about title track Man of the Year in Korea still hasn’t ceased, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Man of the Year

PHANTOM – Burning

PHANTOM – Come As You Are

1theK #hashtag Interview





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