Shinhwa is gearing up for a new comeback, and earlier this month saw the release of their new music video “Memories”.

Prior to the release, a teaser image in black & white showed the members in looking stylish and relaxed in loose fitted outfits. The style served the 6-member-group well, showing off a sophisticated yet youthful image.

We’ve compiled a selection clothing available in your average UK high street at affordable prices, allowing you to copy and adapt the look to suit your own style.

For the men, this style is all about layers. A nice printed jumper layered over a white shirt gives that relaxed and approachable look, while sticking to a black and white colour scheme adds a little maturity. Take care the trousers are well fitted, or it’s easy to go from relaxed gentleman to failed hipster, and style the hair to give the look a just-out-of-bed finish.

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For the ladies, adding a bit of feminine flare is easy. Switch the layers for a nice lace or bedazzled blouse, or a pair of high waist trousers with a crop top to achieve the same effortless and chic look that Shinhwa did. Top it off with either white flats of even better a pair of sleek heels, and anyone is ready to rock the runway.

UKP Get the Look: Shinhwa Memories




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