Given that Spring officially began on the 20th March this year, we thought it would be nice to compile a playlist that will help get everyone the mood for the spring season. Of course, the UK weather never usually stays any particular way for longer than a few days, but given the terrible rain and floods we have had over the past few months, we deserve to embrace any fleeting moments of warmth that we get. So now, we shall endeavour to feel fresh and flowery with the help of these K-Pop songs!

1. Apink – ‘No No No’

Apink are always willing to embrace the cutest and most girly of concepts and this single gives a really fresh and warm vibe. The girls are wearing very feminine clothes that are a great source of inspiration for the spring season (when we often tentatively expose some of our skin to the elements). The song is also really bouncy and sweet, making it the perfect accompaniment to the spring sunshine. That wiggle/shuffle dance is also a must to try out for yourself if you haven’t already. A Pink remind me ever so slightly of first gen girl group S.E.S with their innocent image, but perhaps that’s just me?

2. IU – ‘Good Day’

Yes, one song that every single K-Pop fan probably knows. This song was a massive hit for IU a few years ago and has been parodied by many a South Korean comedian since. This is a song that really makes you want to run outside and spin around with your arms open wide. IU’s vocal talent is so blatant even for someone so young. You may not have ever tried the aforementioned A Pink dance, but you can’t say that you have never tried IU’s three octave high note, right?! It’s amazing! (She is probably sick to death of it now though).

3. CNBlue – ‘Love Girl’

CNBlue have the ability to go from being really cool and slick in one song to saccharine sweet in the next. This song is very much the latter of the two. You can also easily see how British band ‘The Beatles’ are such an inspiration for them in the pure catchiness of their music. This song is really upbeat and the MV is very fun and silly – It really boosts your energy and makes you smile. I wonder if the sales of CNBlue posters went up after they released this MV?

4. Busker Busker – ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’

A song all about a spring love affair, how could this not be included on this playlist?! This is a very beautiful and soothing song. Of course, cherry blossom trees bloom only in spring and are cherished in many East Asian countries. They are often held as symbols of how fleeting and temporary beauty is, and how important it is to appreciate what you have now. The MV also shows some beautiful spring scenery which makes you really look forward to a lovely spring season.

5. SHINee – ‘Dream Girl’

Almost everything about this song and MV has a feeling of spring within it, especially the bright and flowery clothing. Whilst the content of the song is not particularly seasonal, the tune is very upbeat. I defy anyone to listen to this song and not shout “DREAM GIRL!” along with the SHINee members (well, they sing it more than shout it, of course). As always, the guys blow your mind with the creative and complex choreography. Get a broom out and dance along!

6. BtoB – ‘2nd Confession’

It’s nice to see a K-Pop boy group’s MV based in more natural surroundings as opposed to them being boxed in on a set within a studio somewhere. Again, you can feel a lovely spring vibe here as the guys ride bikes, go out for a drive and generally dance their way around the town. You can also see the camaraderie between the guys throughout the video, which is really nice and makes you feel like joining in (if only!) It is also interesting how they can merge some really cool rapping into and otherwise soft song without it sounding strange and out-of-place. It adds another layer to the archetypal gentle and sweet song.

7. Cho Yong Pil – ‘Bounce’

For those of you who aren’t really familiar with Cho Yong Pil, you may still recognise his name from mentions by many K-Pop idols. Yong Pil has quite a big fanbase in today’s idol world, and it is quite easy to see why when you hear his music. This particular song somehow manages to be upbeat, yet incredibly relaxing at the same time. It is one you cannot help but bob your head to and gives you that lovely feeling of enjoying sunny days with friends. In fact, you can imagine it playing in the background of a happy montage in a drama.

8. Super Junior – ‘No Other’

One of Super Junior’s cuter concepts here, we see the members arranging presents to give to their loved one. This song communicates a feeling of being overwhelmed by the love and happiness you feel. Whenever this song was performed live during the promotion period, Super Junior really looked like they were having fun messing around and being silly with each other. The choreography is also fun, with quite a few parts that would be cool to try and recreate with some friends and have a laugh. Overall, a very sweet and lovely song. (Check out around the 2:17 mark to watch when Shindong pulls Leetuk down slightly faster than he was expecting!)

9. Kim Hyun Jun feat. Kota of Sunny Hill – ‘Always Love You’

This is another very relaxing song. It shows SS501’s Kim Hyun Jun and Sunny Hill’s Kota are having fun on a beach for this MV. Okay, so it’s not exactly spring-inspired in that sense, as if you ran around on a beach in the UK right now, you might get pretty cold. However, the tone of this song makes it something you could listen to as you enjoy the very gentle spring sunshine. It brings about that feeling of being free and able to enjoy the outside world (without being rained back in!)

10. 2NE1 – ‘Happy’

This track isn’t a very happy one, despite the title. The 2NE1 ladies are singing about still feeling upset about the end of a relationship, but still trying to come to terms with it and wishing the best for their ex. The sound itself is actually very catchy though, and you will probably be dancing and singing along before you know it. The video was shot in the L.A sunshine, and the girls’ trademark daring and colourful style makes you want to pack away the winter knitwear and drag out your lighter, brighter clothes.

Hopefully these songs help you get you into the spring mood, now all that’s left to do is pray that we actually keep getting the sunshine that many parts of the UK have been getting lately!

Get outside whenever you can and enjoy the spring season in all it’s beauty!

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