Made popular by the box office hit Frozen, Idina Menzel’s Let It Go has been topping charts worldwide. The song became popular through the strong vocals and the overall message of self acceptance, which then resulted in an Oscar!

This is naturally quite a big and emotive song, it’s a difficult one to cover – even the biggest voices in K-Pop have struggled with it! Along with singing in a foreign language, there’s still those huge notes to hit. Here’s our top 5 covers of Let It Go.

5. A-PRINCE’s Sungwon

I can’t get over the English in this cover. I understand that it’s incredibly difficult to sing in a foreign language, but I can’t focus on the vocals as the accent is too distracting. His vocals are outstanding, but his English lets him down.

4. SPICA’s Bohyung

Despite her awkward English, she’s covered this well. I personally love her voice, it’s different to what we hear in K-Pop and I’ve always loved it for that reason. It does sound a bit nasally with some of the bigger notes, but apart from that it was a good cover!

3. Lush

These three girls have extremely powerful voices, which are put to the test in this song. Their harmonization is spot on, but it almost sounds like there’s too much going on. They’ve taken this opportunity to show fans what they can do, but because they all have powerful voices, I find it’s too much compared to Idina’s simplistic version.

2. Son Seung Yeon

I love this cover to bits. She’s got all of the emotion, and the powerful voice to go with it. She doesn’t hold back in this cover, I’d like so see more of this from her!

1. 2BiC

This male duo have amazing voices and aren’t afraid to make the song their own. Their harmonization was perfect, and they just proved that girls aren’t the only ones who can hit those big notes in the song.

You can also check out Hyorin’s official Korean version of Let it Go below!

Did you see your favourites on the list? Comment below who your top 5 are!


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