As the Scottish amongst us know, Dundee isn’t exactly a centre of different cultures. The most exotic food places in Dundee are numerous takeaways, a couple of Indian restaurants, a noodle shop and a single Thai restaurant. It’s not much for a city that was a contender for ‘City Of Culture’ last year. Though finally, at long last the city is to gain a sushi restaurant. 

Around the same time as the sushi restaurant plans made news ARKiVE, originally a clothing shop, opened their new ‘Shake Bar’ to compliment their in-store barber shop and DJ booth. The manager revealed to STV that it’s all a part of his new business approach, rather than ARKiVE being just a clothes store, it’ll be a lifestyle store with something for everyone.

The Shake Bar boasts 3000 different milkshake flavours, along with frozen yoghurts, ice cream, coffee, and of course, bubble tea.

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Though a traditionally Taiwanese treat, bubble tea is incredibly popular amongst K-pop fans, as we all know. What makes this announcement even better, is that ARKiVE is located just up the road from Dundee’s resident Asian supermarket ‘Matthew’s Foods‘ – though predominantly Chinese, it’s a great provider of Korean snacks and ingredients.

If you live in Dundee or are in the area any time soon, definitely pop in to ARKiVE and give their bubble tea a try, maybe you can stop into Matthew’s Foods for some Pepero whilst you’re there. Let’s hope for a Korean restaurant next!



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