A simple, well-known print can take on a symbol of its own when mixed with personality and individuality. The following examples give meaning and strengthen concepts, while also looking very pretty at the same time (would we expect anything less from these fashionistas?!)

Victoria’s ‘Pinocchio’ fashion is a bright and exciting take on animal print, using two clashing neon shades and bold shapes. The matching bangles and hair ribbon give a depth to the outfit beyond the futuristic print. The shape of the dress remains simple, meaning that nothing takes over the print and it isn’t overly complicated. The crazy print is also donned by some of the other f(x) group members in the music video, again on simple cut apparel to show off that crazy print!


Sulli’s pastel dress sports a large splodge-shaped print – a more abstract take on familiar leopard print. Here, it matches her pastel streaks that have been carefully weaved into a soft and uncomplicated hairdo. The outfit seems to balance loud with quiet; the bright colour accents and statement spots with the flowing lines of the dress and hairstyle. The structured collar is more lax than stark and the swinging skirt denotes a feminine tone.

Eunhyuk’s fluffy blue number combines loungewear with glamorous celebrity fashion. The deep blue colour and the black sequins transform what would otherwise be just a slouchy sweater combo into a luxurious (and expensive) look. The sweater creates a pop art feeling, with the enlarged black shapes printed on the blue making for an almost graphic print. It’s arguably possible to wear something like this in a dressed-up or dressed-down style, depending on what you wanted to pair it with!

Minzy sticks to a more conventional pattern than the previous examples but she utilises it in a fresh way. While the cut of the coat appears fairly straight-forward, the clean lines and pushed-up sleeves create a strong, masculine structure. The gold accents from head to toe and the chestnut tones of her hair are drawn out by the accompanying tones in the animal pattern and bring an expensive feeling to the outfit. A balance is found between a primal concept and high glamour and gloss.


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