Welcome back to Film Friday! Today we’re going to be looking at the 1999 crime-comedy film, Attack The Gas Station. Let’s get to it!

As the title might suggest, the film begins with four thugs robbing and destroying a gas station. Out of sheer boredom, the four men decide to hit up the exact same gas station again a few days later, but things don’t go as smoothly the second time around.

The manager had the foresight to hide the money away so the thugs are unable to take the money from the register this time, and instead decide that the best plan of action is to take the staff hostage and run the gas station so they can just pocket the money from customers.

It doesn’t take long before the amusing mix of customers who come to the gas station start to have run-ins with the thugs as they pretend to be employees, and things keep getting worse – but funnier – as they get into confrontations and take more people hostage. As they start to attract the wrong kind of attention, the thugs find themselves with less and less options, and it’s only a matter of time before things go bad.

I would definitely recommend this to you if you enjoy funny crime films and farcical happenings, and I think it would hold a pretty wide appeal for a lot of people! I certainly enjoyed watching this film, so let us know if you plan to watch it!

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