Connie Talbot is a young British singer that first came to fame during the very first series of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ back in 2007 – finishing as runner-up to the winner Paul Potts. Since then, she has had much success as a singer with 4 albums and is performing in South Korea this month. Since the Sewol ferry tragedy took place, however, Connie decided it would be best to use her talent to help those in need right now.

Despite being only 13 years old, Connie has shown great sensitivity, expressing that she wondered if she should continue with the concerts while the country was in a state of mourning. However, many of her Korean fans encouraged her to go through with it on Twitter. Talbot and her family then decided that the best way to help would be to donate all the profit she makes from these particular performances to the disaster relief.

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Talbot can be added to the list of many that have contributed to the cause through generous donations and volunteering, hopefully her performances will also give some much-needed strength to many South Koreans suffering during this difficult time.



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