Hey there! You guessed it, it’s the next installment of UnitedKpop’s ‘UK Fan Talents‘ section!

As you know, this section is dedicated to showcasing the talents of Korean Pop fans in the UK, singers, DJs, and dancers alike. So, let’s jump right into it with our next showcase: another Mashup DJ!

He goes by the name of…


Or Shane Henry. Know of him? Yes? No? This talented London-based, dual-wielder of iPad and speaker eats beats for breakfast and spits out mashups by teatime. No but seriously, this man’s talent when it comes to mashing music together, is not to be under estimated. Rocking both SoundCloud and YouTube with quality mashups. While not busy mashing music, he’s blasting tunes in Las Vegas Arcade or mobile DJing in Hongdae and other random streets in Seoul.

Now without further ado, let’s look at some of my favourite mashups by DJ S2K!

Brown Eyed Girls + PSY | Abracadabra + Gentleman

A no brainer when it comes to mashups, really. But this most definitely stands tall among the wave of Abracadabra/Gentleman mashups- the chorus is a beauty.

Daft Punk + 4Minute | Get Lucky + What’s Your Name?

A brilliant idea and the songs both mix so well. Get Lucky is a jam and while I’m not a massive fan of ‘What’s Your Name’, this song makes it brilliant. The sign of a great mashup.

BIGBANG + T-ARA N4 | Fantastic Baby + Jeon Won Diary

One word: Banger. Not a big fan of ‘Jeon Won Diary’ but this mix makes it more than bearable. Perfect, I’d love to hear this in a club one day.

Of course, DJ S2K has plenty of other mashups on his YouTube and SoundCloud so check them out. A fantastic, and definitely underrated mashup artist, his skills with music are inspiring, and most definitely are a shining example of UK Fan Talent!


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