Returning back to this week’s Fun Story OTW? Well, this week’s story involves a rather… odd tale from the past.

On the recent broadcast of Beatles Code 3D MBLAQ were the delighted guests for the week’s episode however it seems as if a certain Lee Joon had something more to reveal during his pre-debut activities.

The singer went on to explain that at a mere 20 years of age he modelled a number of times for different wigs as pictures of his modelling days began to reveal themselves on the screen in the show which sparked interest as well as shock in the other MCs and guests of the show at how natural the the wigs appeared on the member. It was also said on the show it’s as if he weren’t wearing any at all to which Jang Dongmin, one of the MCs of the show jokingly remarked that “Maybe they were waiting for you to go bald.”  spewing much laughter on the set.

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joon wig model


However it is also known that prior to Lee Joon’s debut he due to his good looks, he modelled often also doing a number of CF’s for things such as home shopping and hangover drink advertisements other than wig modelling.


The MBLAQ singer in addition commented that he in fact earned around approximately ₩ 40,000 in Korean Won which is around £24 for the job. MBLAQ are currently promoting their newly released 6th mini album entitled ‘Broken’ with the group in the midst of preparing for more comeback stages for their lead title song ‘Be a Man’.

MBLAQ along with their hilarious anecdotes and funny scenes can be seen on this week’s episode of Beatles Code 3D aired recently on 15th April.


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