Having arrived in London on the 5th following the expiration of her contract with DSP Media, Kang  Jiyoung has given her own personal announcement to her fans via Instagram.

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung left for London on Saturday 5th of April. Taking a similar route to fellow former member Nicole who left for New York to study after completing her contract, Jiyoung has come to the UK in order to study language and acting according to DSP Media.

Now in London, Jiyoung uploaded a photo of a handwritten letter addressed to her fans, thanking them for all of their support and asks them to continue to support her in London. She presented her letter in both Korean and Japanese.

Jiyoung's Letter in Korean Jiyoung's Letter in Japanese

To all my fans,

Hello, this is Kang Jiyoung. I think it’s been a long time since I wrote to you like this. I picked up my pen to write like this because I wanted to let you know my thoughts properly. You may have seen it in the news, but on April 5th, I left the country for the UK. It was scary to go alone so I had decided to come to the UK where my friend was living, so that someone could always look after me. Now that I am alone without the members and our staff, I feel again how precious the people around me were. Maybe it was because I have been so busy all this time, I feel very happy now and I want to spend it doing something worthwhile. I want to read a lot of books, study English and travel, and experience things I haven’t experienced before. I don’t know when it will be, but I will return as a little more mature and well-learned adult. I hope you won’t forget about me and wait for me until that day comes! I will do my best to repay you all for the love you ave given me. I’ll keep you updated! I made you worry a lot for various things, and I want to apologise for that. Anyway, please don’t worry about me any more. I’m as confident and healthy as ever 🙂 Please look after your health too and stay happy! Please send me your encouragement and cheers. Thank you.

2014.4.6 Jiyoung from England

We’re glad Jiyoung is settling in the UK already, and we wish her the best of luck in her studying and travelling endeavours! If you’d like to leave her a message of support you can check out her Instagram here.


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