Jungle Entertainment’s hip hop idol unit, M.I.B, have returned with a new track CHISA BOUNCE. 

M.I.B’s teaser for the track saw them limbering up their necks for some shoulder and head style choreography, a la Nod Along and Dash. The mv delivers exactly that.

The sound samples their previous track Dash otherwise known as Men In Black, and the mv also links back in many ways.

Firstly, as the teaser implied, there is choreography reminiscent of that for Dash, there is even a moment in which Kangnam, 5zic and Cream are suited in black, wearing shades, and appear to be doing the Dash choreography.

Photos: Chisa'Bounce & Dash mvs

Cream is amongst a simplistic lab set up.

Photos: Chisa'Bounce & Dash mvs

Sims can be seen being neuralized by Kangnam, 5zic and Cream as he sits, restrained, yet fighting, in a chair.

Photos: Chisa'Bounce mv

The striking difference between the two mvs however is that Dash has an extremely detailed setting for its narrative, where as CHISA’BOUNCE is bold and graphic. CHISA’BOUNCE, while lacking the original and weighty narrative that Dash does, is full of eye catching pops of colour.

Photos: Chisa'Bounce mv

You can find both CHISA’BOUNCE and Dash on the group’s second album, The Maginot Line. 

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