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Seoulistic is a Korean culture and travel site for those who wish to travel to Korea or anyone who is currently residing in said country. I first came across this site through a search on table etiquette and found an article on how to eat in a restaurant like the locals, followed by the site’s YouTube channel. The site’s layout loads very quickly due to it’s simple colour scheme (I really like the site’s header design!) and not even the various widgets all over the page will affect the loading time.


There’s a slideshow to highlight the latest articles that may be of interest to the reader but there are also extra columns on the front page to cover important aspects of Korea if you want to jump straight to those. Take note of the scrolling ‘latest news’ bar at the top as well. Alternatively you could just navigate the menu at the top of the page.


“Plan your trip” is the only section with a drop down menu. The sub-sections lead you to detailed ebooks that provide advice on how to arrange your own trip or opt for professional tours. Of course aside from the usual travel necessities there is a “just for fun” section which focuses on the more light-hearted/funnier content.


Going by the number of fans/subscribers it’s safe to say that Seoulistic has a huge following and when you browse through their website it doesn’t take long to see why. Through their social network channels and main website, the diverse and knowledgeable staff are able to engage with the readers and followers with very detailed articles and promptly answer any queries regarding Korea and its culture.

As someone who has never been to Korea I find Seoulistic extremely useful in guiding a newcomer on the do’s and don’ts of travelling in Korea and what to be aware of in regards to cultural aspects (the discussions generated from the comments on the articles are very insightful and intelligent). I could spend hours on this site going through every article and every video if I wanted to but will probably save that commitment for when I gain the opportunity to visit Korea in the future. Seoulistic is definitely a website that introduces everything that is Korean from the food, the shops, the history, the music and mannerisms.

On a side note, you may have recognised some of the Seoulistic staff featured on BBC ‘s Hairy Bikers when the hosts and BBC crew went to Korea to film the last episode of said series.

Main website link can be found here along with their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter if you want to keep updated through social networking.


9.8 Excellent and resourceful

Seoulistic's site offers a great deal of information on travelling around Korea and its rich culture.

  • Site navigation 9.5
  • Site layout 9.5
  • Travel guides 10
  • Korean culture information 10
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