Welcome back to Thriller Thursday! Today we’ll be looking at a film that has been on my to-watch list for months, The Man From Nowhere.

Won Bin stars in The Man From Nowhere as the anti-social Tae Sik who runs a pawn shop in a small neighbourhood. His only real connection to the outside world is his young neighbour, So Mi. She lives next door to him with her mother, Hyo Jeong, who is a drug addict. The story really starts when So Mi’s mother steals drugs from a feared organised crime group, and these drugs end up in Tae Sik’s possession when Hyo Jeong pawns a camera bag with them in.

From here things start to spiral out of control as Tae Sik’s dark past is dragged to the surface when So Mi and Hyo Jeong are kidnapped, and he is forced to take action to keep So Mi alive. He gets caught up in violence, murder, drug running, and turf wars as he does everything he can to get his only friend returned to him unharmed.

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I really enjoyed this film, but I love thrillers so that’s a moot point, but you may not be a fan if children in grave peril distresses you. This film also contains a lot of drugs and graphic violence, so if you don’t want to see any of that then perhaps give this a miss! But for anyone on the fence as to whether they want to watch it not, I just have one thing to say: Won Bin. Enough said.

Until next time my fellow movie enthusiasts!


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