Not long after their debut in 2008, 2PM set the K-pop world aflame with their sexy performances, inevitably involving some shirtless action on stage.

Hottest, as 2PM fans are known, were alarmed to hear that sparks literally flew at their newest MV shooting in March, when a small fire broke out on set. Thankfully no-one was injured, and the MV shoot continued. We haven’t seen the results yet, as their imminent comeback was paused in the light of tragic events, but Hottest know these guys are well worth the extra wait.

There are six members of 2PM: Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung (maknae). They’re unusual in that they don’t have a leader – but we’ll come back to that in a moment.

The members all started out as JYP Entertainment trainees in a huge band called One Day. A TV documentary called Hot Blood Men filmed their trainee days, and when it ended two bands were formed: 2AM and 2PM. At that time, 2PM had 7 members; US-born Jay Park was the oldest and most popular with the TV audience. He became 2PM’s leader, but before the release of their first studio album he was at the centre of a media controversy. He had apparently bad-mouthed Korea online prior to his trainee days. Though his bandmates were supportive, his contract with JYP was eventually terminated in 2010.

2PM’s debut song 10 out of 10, released in September 2008 didn’t really give Hottest a hint of the sexy charisma lurking beneath those baggy clothes, cheeky faces and stylish acrobatics. Heartbeat, featured on their first studio album 1:59PM (November 2009) is like watching a completely different band’s MV; it presents a smooth, macho-style choreo and vocals which has lead to them being nicknamed ‘beastly idols’ in Korea.

The hotness turned up to max, 2PM released two further full albums – Hands Up in June 2011 (which featured songs penned by Jun.K and Junho) and their last album Grown was in May 2013. While Hottest have been abuzz with mysterious teasers from JYP, the guys were already hitting headlines earlier this month, as Nichkhun confirmed he was dating SNSD’s Tiffany. Can’t blame her; all that shirt ripping is hard to resist for any mere mortal. Look out for their comeback; it’s sure to be as hot as ever.

Recommended MV playlist:

Heartbeat – Stylish, sexy and the best hair-flipping choreo you’re ever likely to see

A.D.T.O.Y – Black and white and sultry all over

Comeback When You Hear This Song – Angsty pop on a executive rooftop

Without You – Rain-soaked clingy black vests ahoy

I’ll Be Back – All praise the Terminator 2 inspired thumb rise





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