As K-Pop fans, it can be difficult to keep updated with western music. We have our own community and friends with the same interests, so why should we bother with mainstream music if it doesn’t interest us?

K-Pop has spread to the point that now even western artists have started to take interest. We’ve heard about collaborations, seen online interactions and seen some celebrities mention K-Pop a couple of times. Here’s a list of the western artists who have shown interest in K-Pop.

Daniel Radcliffe -The Harry Potter star has previously received a Girl’s Generation album during an interview. He then said he thought Tiffany is the prettiest. Check out the interview!

Will.I.Am – After going solo from the Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am went on to work with a number of artists including 2NE1. They famously recorded an album together, but up until now only two songs have been released, Gettin’ Dumb (which was included on his album #Willpower) and Take the World On.

Snoop Dogg –    Snoop Dogg is all over the place in K-Pop, he was recently spotted filming with PSY for his music video, performed with 2NE1 in the “Unite all Originals” concert, collaborated with Girl’s Generation for their American debut and above all, admitted that his guilty pleasure is K-Pop!

Pixie Lott – This British singer admitted that she became a fan of Big Bang after visiting Japan. She said how she liked their music videos as they were futuristic and crazy, also that their music is a fresh sound. She then surprised us with a collaboration with GD and TOP, and plans on doing more K-Pop collaborations.

The Wanted – One member, Jay, has been previously spotted wearing an “I ♥ 2NE1” t-shirt. The Wanted have also mentioned that they would be interested in collaborating with Super Junior.  Check out this video of Jay singing “I Am the Best”!

One Direction – Whether you love them or hate them, they may be K-Pop fans just like us! A B.A.P photo was spotted in their “Best Song Ever” music video.


Pharell Williams – After some Twitter interactions, Pharrell recorded a video message with a shoutout to G-Dragon, who happens to be a huge fan. Hopefully a collaboration is on it’s way!

Justin Bieber – He has expressed his interest in K-Pop through G-Dragon, who made a guest appearance in Bieber’s concert. G-Dragon has also mentioned that they have already recorded a song together. We’ll have to keep an eye out for that one!
Lady Gaga – We all know she’s crazy, Lady Gaga has previously had the likes of Miku Hatsune open up for her, and for her concerts in June, she’s chosen Crayon Pop! She was also caught watching Jay Park and HyunA performing at SXSW’s “K-Pop Night Out.”

Jonas Brothers – During the Wonder Girls‘ promotions, the Jonas Brothers had them open up at their concert. They have also been spotted wearing Wonder Girls t-shirts.

Rihanna – This American superstar has decided to follow CL, Taeyang and G-Dragon on Instagram! Is she a fan or should we be expecting more from this?

Lorde – 17 year old ‘Royals’ singer has mentioned in previous interviews that she is a fan of 2NE1, Lee Hi and wants to learn some of Girls Generation’s dances! She’s also expressed an interest to write for a Korean girl group.

Little Mix – Are they a fan of K-Pop, or are they taking their music in the direction of K-Pop? The British girl group released one of their popular songs “Wings” in Korean too.

Rita Ora – This British singer appeared in a “Funny or Die” sketch with HyunA. The two appeared to be close friends as shown through Instagram updates. Check out the sketch here.

Any you know and don’t see here? Comment below!


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