Korean rock band EVE take to the stage for our latest Weekly Idol feature.

Considered as one of the few Visual rock/Glam Rock bands in Korea, EVE is fronted by vocalist Kim Seheon and has had many line-up changes over the years. Music producer G.Gorilla was one of the joint vocalists and songwriters for the first four albums before departing from the group. Debuting in 1997 with “Whenever You Feel”, EVE has presented their music with a punk rock sound but also pop rock ballads that caught the public eye.

After G.Gorilla‘s departure, EVE ‘s later music added a metal feel and focused on darker themes in their songs. This is notable in the sixth album “Welcome to Planet EVE.” As a result, the group gained more fans and recognition with this new sound and line-up, which included Nemesis‘s guitarist Ha Sebin who divided his time between his original band and EVE before focusing on Nemesis‘s activities later on. Because of this line-up’s popularity, EVE were able to release their first live DVD “The History Of Eve” which contained backstage footage and interviews with the band, as well as a 90 minute live concert recorded in Seoul.

The line up changed again later on and Seheon was the original member once more after the release of the 8th album “Play Me” and 2010 singles “Guy In Revolution” and “Gloria.” As of right now, Seheon is currently in a new glam metal band The Hysteric5 after completing activities in Japan where he collaborated with Jrock band Duel Jewel in 2012.

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Popular Songs

Whenever You Feel

Take My Eyes




I’ll Be There



Ghost School

This is a cover of Nemesis’s song

Why I chose EVE as Weekly Idol

Before CNBlue and FTISLAND came around, I was looking for a Korean rock band that mixed orchestra with cool guitar riffs. After getting to know TRAX for some time, I came across EVE from an online music community and was surprised with some the band’s songs. They were capable of being really heavy on the rock but also presented their slower side and were able to get heartfelt messages to the listener through power ballads.

Although EVE is inactive for the moment, I always go back to their music when I need to rock out or indulge in their rock ballads. They are one of my personal frontrunners who got me into Korean rock many years ago and I am thankful for that.


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