This coming Tuesday, on May 6th, Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex will be performing at the KCCUK’s ‘Artist Talk: Think in Music’ event. 

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The event is to take place within the KCCUK itself from 7pm.

Along with the K-indie performances, there will also be talks by experts in the Korean Indie music field, making the event not only a great opportunity to catch some live K-indie performances, but also a great chance to network and find out more about the Korean Indie scene.

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The talks will be held by: Johnny Hopkins (lecturer and PR Director of Triad Publicity), David Pichilingi (CEO of Liverpool Sound City), Dr. Haekyung Um (lecturer at Liverpool University) and Kyu-young Lee (CEO of Ruby Records).

Liverpool Sound City will also be host to Korean indie acts PATiENTS, Asian Chairshot and Dead Buttons this month.

Admission for the event is free, however you must RSVP via or by calling 020 7004 2600 to ensure the event isn’t overbooked. 


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