The sexy seven are back, and how! Last Romeo is the first release from Infinite in 10 months (not including their Samsung CF tune Request). In the run-up to release on May 21st, the song was sneak previewed in three special live showcases in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

The tune
Trumpets! Piano! Pizazz! From leader Sunggyu’s opening ‘Yeah- yeahhhh…’ the synth-rock tune kicks into a sweet rhythm that lingers long afterwards in the mind. It’s no surprise that this comeback track was created with production team Sweetune, who have helped the boys deliver hits since the Nothing’s Over and Be Mine days. Lead vocals Sunggyu and Woohyun are on fine form and Dongwoo delivers his rapid-fire rap as always; and fellow rapper Hoya pleasingly nabs some crooner lines alongside the always-smooth maknae line.

The MV
On so many stylistic levels this MV just delivers. A short intro section teases with flashes of the mist-swathed guys running. Then it opens for real with a pop of trumpets and vocals, a gothic romance that flips between the group in sexy figure-hugging black togs and romantic lacy white suits. It’s a dreamy setup, and the sharp and sexy hip-swaying choreography brings both Before The Dawn and Paradise moves to mind.

The only downer is that the MV is a little light on plot development – Woohyun chasing his Juliet fruitlessly around a library before his rage explodes (albeit impressively) – but this is most likely because it’s a second version of the MV. The original cut featured water scenes that were too sensitive to air following the Sewol Ferry Disaster. Will the first version (where Myungsoo was the lead character according to a recent interview) ever emerge on a future DVD? Only time will tell, but Inspirits have plenty to swoon over for now… or so you’d think. The MV has already reached over 1 million views, and if it reaches 2, 222, 222 by June 1st Woollim Label have promised a dance practice version will also be released. There’s some titillating shirt grabbing and member interaction in the choreo that Inspirits will definitely keep on clicking for a closer look at.

Check out the Last Romeo MV here

Last Romeo is the first release from the boys’ new album Season 2 – listen to a preview of all the tracks here


Overall thoughts

8.4 Swoon-worthy

There will be no shortage of wannabe Juliets with this solid and sexy comeback. A strong tune and tightly synched choreo as Inspirits have come to expect, just a little more love on the MV plot would have been sweet.

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