This week’s “Weeky Idol” is all about six member group C-Clown.

Also known as Crown Clown, this group are under Yedang Entertainment and consist of leader / rapper Rome, rapper TK, vocalists Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun and Maru who happens to be the Maknae.

So far C-Clown have released numerous mini albums and digital singles, starting with their debut mini album “Not Alone” in July 2012 followed by a second mini album in November of the same year called “Young Love.” The year 2013 marked the release of “Shaking Heart” which happened to the name of the leading title whilst the early part of the year 2014 involved digital singles “Tell Me” and hip-hop driven “Justice” which was their official 2014 comeback.

Just recently, Rome introduced Crown The Clown a new online video series directed by himself and created for the fans to show insight to what goes on with the members behind the scenes when they are not busy. Keep an eye on C-Clown‘s Youtube channel for new episodes each week.

Popular Songs


Far Away…Young Love. There is also a dance version here

Shaking Heart. Possibly my favourite song so far. Dapper suits ahoy. If you are curious as to how the group came up with the group’s name and the “Row like kings, lay low like clowns” term I recommend checking this SBS PopAsia interview with Rome

Justice. The first single to be released in 2014 which also demonstrated a change of direction in music style. In case you missed our “Get The Look” article on how to improvise the attire featured in the MV, you can find it here.

Here is the first episode of Crown The Clown. Rome was kind enough to add in hard subs so if you don’t know much Korean or want to double check the English popping up you won’t feel lost.

Why I chose C-Clown as Weekly Idol

Oddly enough, the first time I came across C-Clown was from their latest single “Justice”. It kept popping up on one of my favourite Kpop internet radio stations and clung into my mind because the chorus was ridiculously catchy. Backtracking to their previous mini albums I was very surprised and did not expect quite a change in style.

Despite understanding why dedicated Crowns were disappointed with “Justice”, this recent song was indirectly my proper introduction to the group. After listening to their music since their debut up till the present, I can definitely say I enjoy their vocal range and funky rapping. I can’t wait to see what C-Clown have in store for their next comeback.


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