British style magazine Dazed and Confused is no stranger to Kpop and occasionally writes about well-known faces.

However to make things more exciting this time round, their sister website in Korea has just gone live.

As part of their “Korea Day” celebration, Dazed and Confused have shared some exclusive interviews with Kpop idols, film stars and the artistic side of Koreans in their latest issue. All of which are definitely worth a read in your own time.

Some interesting Kpop interviews include the following:-

* With Taeyang‘s new MV and release of his second solo album Rise, Dazed interviews the BIGBANG member about nosebleeds, tattoos and true art. Interview link

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* Having just toured Europe, girl group 4minute sit down to talk about their career and breaking the Kpop mould. Interview link

* When B.A.P brought their “Live On Earth” tour to Brixton in April, Dazed were able to have a long chat with the guys backstage. Interview link. **In case you missed our coverage on B.A.P ‘s Brixton concert, you can read it here**

** As a bonus on the Dazed Kpop binge, here is an article on CL‘s fashion style. Is she the Rihanna of Kpop? You decide.


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