On 12 May 2014 soloist Wheesung made his music comeback with the release of a new mini album. Here is a track by track review on The Best Man

01. Best Man The song is easy listening and not too overpowering on the ears. Wheesung sings with oozing charisma in his voice in the beginning of this track but also expresses his determination that he’ll be the best man. He’ll be good to his family, his friends and his lucky girlfriend. You only live once so why not make it worthwhile?

02. I Like The Music (노래가 좋아) Slowing it down and giving us a touching ballad for this EP, Wheesung talks about his life has always been about singing and the good and bad it had given him in his life. I only sang that’s all I did. He acknowledges the stage as his own world but doesn’t ignore the fact the real world itself is huge.

03. Night and Day The leading single for Wheesung‘s comeback and it was certainly a powerful return. To be honest when I first heard this song I was taken back by how his vocals were different. It was as though he was trying to experiment with his range. I knew he had a smooth voice that sometimes got high so this song surprised me when I first heard it but it really grew on me after a lot of listens. It is certainly romantic and talks about how a guy loves his girl deeply, calling him her knight and that he loves her 24 hours / night and day.

04. Lying Next To You (네 옆에 누워) As the title says, it really is about lying in bed next to the one you love and the positive effects that occur. A smooth piano-driven ballad with great vocal work. You could almost play this song in a dimly lit restaurant with jazz music in the background.

05. Masterpiece of You (너라는 명작) ~ 2014 Remastered version~ We speed things up in this album with a faster moving R’n’B track. Wheesung sings about a girl’s beauty from her lips, eyes, nose and her style and how it almost makes her a masterpiece. This is a remake of a previous song.

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06. I Don’t Want To Know (모르고 싶다) Another ballad on this mini album, however we take a different turn of feeling here and Wheesung sings about a break-up. He can’t get over his girlfriend. His heart still aches for her even though he tries to occupy his mind with other things such as smiling and eating normally. I hate you for being here and there, I hate that I can’t erase you. I want to forget everything, I want to forget everything, I don’t wanna know you

07. Need To Make Money (돈 벌어야 돼) A serious track which discusses Wheesung‘s career and how it has taken over his life. I need to make money, even if my throat rips apart, I need to sing , Are you listening? Can you hear me? I made this song because I went crazy. The hard-hitting effects of reality bites Wheesung but he knows if he wants to maintain his name as a well-known veteran singer he has to keep going. I need to make money, the fruit tree needs to be planted on top in one try.

8.3 Wheesung's return is triumphant

While only a mini album with 7 tracks on offer, Wheesung demonstrates he's still in the game when it comes to the Kpop world. The final track on the mini album is by far a clear message where he says he knows he's a veteran, no longer young, but has to keep going as a singer no matter what in order to earn money.

Majority of the tracks are R'n'B which is Wheesung's comfort zone so for this to be released in the UK might not be too much of a problem as it'll attract music fans of this specific genre. Combine that with Wheesung's silky vocals which can express heartache and confidence where necessary and you're good to go.

  • UK potential 8
  • Song variety 8.5
  • Music style 8.5
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