Caked head to toe in colourful track-pants, jackets and training shoes with a delicious helmet frosting, Cho-a, Ellin, Soyul, Way and Gummi have risen to the top of the K-pop scene faster than anyone could have imagined. Crayon Pop, being the only group under their label (Chrome Entertainment), haven’t been around long but have already made a name for themselves, having even achieved a music-show win over the likes of EXO and numerous international awards.

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Crayon Pop made their debut in June 2012, with simultaneous releases in South Korea and Japan with ‘Bing Bing’. One month later, the group made a comeback with ‘Saturday Night’, again, a dual-country release. Both singles had two versions of music videos for each respective country and made an official stage debut on Mnet’s M!Countdown on 19 July 2012. This was followed by a successful October comeback with ‘Dancing Queen’ and a sold out concert in Japan in early 2013.

Bar Bar Bar‘ is the song that brought the group their international success, digitally released on 20 June 2013. It was the video, however, that sparked the interest in the song, released three days later. The music video now stands at just under 18 million views on YouTube.  The song brought Crayon Pop their first win on KBS Music Bank on 30 August 2013, beating EXO‘s ‘Growl’. The group earned recognition across the globe, even receiving awards from MTV Iggy and Mnet Asia Music, plus a Golden Disk award. Crayon Pop have even opened shows for Lady Gaga and ‘Bar Bar Bar’ reached the top of Billboard’s ‘Korea K-pop Hot 100’ chart just six weeks after release.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to interview the girls just after their Music Bank win, and after much delay, here it is! Enjoy!

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