Girls’ Generation have been talked about a lot in this segment of our site, but it’s really an achievement on their part that we find so much to talk about. Now they’re back as we look at how to wear so much of one shade in one outfit!

With so much blue, one might expect a nautical theme but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. While blue and white are the base colours, there is no nautical symbolism to be seen; no anchors, no stripes, no rope. The royal blue gives the outfits above a summery tone because of the bright shade and the playful frills on the skirt of the dress suggest this too. What is interesting is that blue is usually a colour associated with the winter months, being viewed as a cold, clinical colour. Here, this doesn’t seem to be the case, with both outfits seemingly perfect for the hot weather of the summer months.

We can see Tiffany in a formal and sophisticated outfit, her look polished off by the smaller details, including even the blue of her nail polish. The dress is matched with the crisp white jacket, fitted around the waist. The rolled up sleeves make this look a little more casual, but the formality is still there because of the way that the jacket resembles a suit blazer. The blue theme is continued and pulled together with the blue and white necklace and the small bracelet. This choice of jewellery is not too overstated and makes a small, simple statement. The only diversion from the blue theme is the marshmallow pink handbag which serves to offer a break in the pattern and keeps the outfit from becoming just a bit too blue!

Taeyeon’s look is more festival-like and a little more childlike! The blue wellies are worn with denim shorts which really gives this outfit a summer feeling. The pattern on the jacket is clearly the same as Tiffany’s dress but the tone of the outfit differs. There is an almost sporty feel because of the solid colour cuffs and varsity cut. A relaxed, casual tone is also created because of the pairing of denim shorts and a t-shirt. This is a very simple outfit, with even the jewellery not making too bold a statement; Taeyeon wears only an understated bracelet to retain that festival/casual tone.

Both of these outfits are perfectly wearable and less outlandish than something we might see in a music video. The question is whether you are brave enough to try out this one-colour colour scheme! Which outfit do you prefer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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