Hi all! And a happy 3 year anniversary to united kpop! How about celebrating with this sexy evening look, from Mblaq’s Be a Man music video?

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFMCiU2T1wA&feature=youtu.be]

To start off, make sure to create a nice canvas, using BB cream. I’m using my brush for that smooth, marble finish that comes with this classy look.

Now we’re starting with the eyes here. Taking a large fluffy brush, use a nice deep brown as a base colour, and dab it across the lid, blending it out to a sharp edge in the outer corners.

Next, using a deep purple colour, line the eyes with it, and blend it carefully upwards and  into the crease. Then, take a piece of paper, and stick it under your eye, lining the edge so that it creates a sharp border from the eyeshadow. I’m taking a shimmery deep purple colour and gently feathering it to add it to the smoky eyes. Work around with the colour until you’re happy with the result, and then remove the paper.

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For the lower lashline, I’m taking the same deep purple shade from earlier, and using a small brush, gently lining underneath the eyes. You don’t want the line to be too sharp, to have the smoky effect. Then, using a creamy eyeliner pencil, I’m lining the lower waterline and tight lining the upper eyes.

Finally, choose your favourite mascara and have at it!

For the cheeks, I’ve chosen a peach colour to complement the skin and simply to create some dimension and depth to the face. I’m focusing it on my cheeks and blending it outwards.

The brows for this look should be sophisticated, slightly arched and not too thick.

Finally, the lips. Use any deep red colour if you have one. I decided to line my lips first, and then mixing two different shades to get the right look. Finally, a blanc gloss to finish the look.

And that is it! Super easy and classy for any late night out.


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