Welcome back to Thriller Thursday! Today we’ll be looking at the 2013 release, starring Ha Jung Woo, The Terror Live.

The film follows Yoon Yong Hwa, a news anchor looking for a way back to the top of his game, who monopolises the live broadcast of a terrorist attack. After going through a professional and personal rough patch, Yong Hwa receives an odd phone call during one of his shows threatening to blow up a major bridge across the Han River. Yong Hwa doesn’t take the threat seriously, and jokingly tells them to go ahead and blow the bridge up, but can only watch in shock when the threat is followed through.

Seeing this as an opportunity of a lifetime for his career, he forgoes calling the police and strikes up a dangerous deal with the terrorist to be able to air their phone conversations live. As the film progresses, we see the situation spiral out of control as he realises how much is really at stake, and how his own life has inadvertently been put at risk too.

I would definitely recommend this film to the majority of people, as it’s filled with truly enjoyable suspense! I say, definitely give this film a try!

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