Are you ready for some New Established Style and Tempo? NU’EST are primed for imminent comeback, with their official site teasing fans in the last 24 hours with a new album title Re:BIRTH and a mysterious image.

The first male group released by Pledis, the main fivesome of NU’EST are JR (leader/main rapper), Aron (vocalist/English rapper), Baekho (main vocalist), Minhyun (visual/lead vocalist/composer) and Ren (vocalist/maknae).

These five were all still in their teens when they officially debuted as NU’EST in March 2012, with the album and title track Face. They were no strangers to the K-pop stage, however, as their previous job was providing backup dance in AS Blue’s Wonder Boy MV.

Dubbed an ‘urban electro band’, NU’EST have released 3 EPs so far and starred in their own variety show Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation. They’ve also been busy promoting in Japan, but at the end of 2013 Pledis revealed a completely new twist on appealing to international markets. When promoting in China only, they have a 6th member, a Chinese idol nicknamed Jason. The band name is also altered to NU’EST-M, where the M is said to stand for several things, including ‘multiply,’ ‘mystic,’ and ‘marvelous.’ This new formation was born from a partnership with YUEHUA Entertainment.

As with any K-pop band, you’re sure to find your personal bias, but personally I can’t take my eyes off Ren, with his cupid-bow’s mouth and ethereal blonde wispy hair. If the sneak previews are anything to go by, he’s gone dark for the comeback, while leader JR has gone blonde for once. JR is also rumored to have a solo track on the next album.

Check the NU’EST official site for updates. The new album release will be 9th July.

Recommended MVs

Face – Hot damn, I wanna be in their class

Sleep Talking – Not a lot of sleeping but a very cutesy MV and dance

Hello – distraught boyfriends in the snow just want you to pick up the phone

Not Over You – Some chilled playing in the park and… hi-fiving puppies?




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