The five fine ladies of f(x) will be making a welcome comeback next Monday, July 7th with Red Light, and today a teaser medley featuring some gothic and sexy images of the girls was released here .

f(x) are Victoria (leader), Amber, Sulli, Luna and Krystal (maknae). They’re a multi-cultural mix of Taiwanese-American, Chinese and Korean women, formed under S.M. Entertainment in 2009.

Red Light will be the ladies’ third album, following Pinocchio in 2011, and Pink Tape in 2013. Electric Shock is probably their biggest hit to date, with its bouncy chorus and pitch perfect MV. Watch it – in fact, watch any of their MVs – and you’ll soon spot what really sets f(x) apart from other K-pop girl groups.

Or rather, who sets them apart. Taiwanese-American member Amber’s style is distinctive; when the other girls in the group are wearing crotch-skimming plaid skirts in Rum Pum Pum Pum, she wears plaid knee-length shorts. While the others look cutesy, she always looks cool. While the others wouldn’t look out of place waving pom-poms on a cheerleading squad, Amber would be the girl scoring the goals for the school glory. For want of a better word, she’s the tomboy of f(x), and she pulls it off with an inimitable sexy style. In an industry jam-packed with women made up of long legs, short skirts and artfully tousled long hair it’s refreshing to see a change on stage. Hell knows K-pop has its fair share of androgynous men wooing fangirl hearts, so it’s wonderful to see a woman doing the same.

If fellow bandmate Sulli’s baby face looks somewhat familiar, it may be because you’re a K-drama addict who has seen her alongside SHINee’s Minho in To the Beautiful You. In the Red Light teaser pics she’s wearing an eyepatch, a nod to her part in the upcoming movie Pirates, touted to be the Korean Pirates of the Caribbean. Leader Victoria is no stranger to TV either, as in 2009 she was the popular bride of 2PM’s Nichkhun on We Got Married. Luna and Krystal have also been involved in TV, as singers for the soundtracks of several dramas.

If you need just one more reason to check out f(x) before their comeback, know that the girls all have a wicked sense of humour – check out this vid of them playfully teasing Hollywood’s Anna Kendrick when she tries to join them.

Recommended MVs

Electric Shock – a catchy chorus with a wiggle of a dance move

Rum Pum Pum Pum – looking top class in schoolgirl plaid

Hot Summer – spot the pink tank!

Danger – from their first album Pinocchio



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