Welcome back to Film Friday! Today we’re going to look at the incredibly popular rom com, My Sassy Girl. Let’s go!

Before we begin, I should probably preface this by saying that I LOVE THIS FILM. This is the honest to god truth. It’s one of those films that despite everything, it’s sweet and you always root for the main characters.

We’ll really start now…

So, for those of you who haven’t seen My Sassy Girl, this film follows Gyeon Woo, a university student, as his life begins to change after a chance encounter with a girl on the subway one evening. This girl is exactly his type, but he’s put off seeing as she’s very drunk, but after a bout of mistaken identity, he feels obligated to look after her and ends up booking a hotel room so she can sleep it off. After a few more chance encounters with the girl, she starts to become a more fixed part of his life, and no matter how confused he is left in the face of her sporadic, and sometimes violent, mood swings, Gyeon Woo is determined to make her happy.

Throughout the film we see their unusual relationship comes up against many obstacles, and we watch Gyeon Woo trying to adjust as the girl constantly comes and goes from his life. Like I said earlier, you’ll totally be rooting for the two of them, no matter what happens, and there are some fantastic plot twists here and there!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys had seen this already, but let us know what you think of this film! Also, have you ever seen the 2008 American remake? Personally I haven’t… not a fan of the remakes America makes of Korean films or dramas. I’ll never be able to bring myself to watch the US version of Old Boy…
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