More often than not MV Monday will feature a new release, Monday being a popular release day. Today is Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) however, so there are no releases. [Happy Chuseok to those celebrating]

Therefore today we’re going to take a look at something a little left field. Many of you will have heard of Chad Future, a Detroit born, white American releasing a blend of western pop and Kpop over in America, he’s even collaborated with idols such as Aron of NU’EST.

Right now, My focused goal is to bridge the gap between K-Pop and American music and continue on the path becoming a successful American born K-Pop Artist in USA, Korea and The World.

Though Chad Future has performed in Korea you may be surprised to hear someone has beaten him to be the first westerner to have their music distributed by one of the music giants in the Kpop market.

Henry Bloomfield is a former student at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, the same American academic institute attended by SM composer Kenzie; SJM’s Henry Lau; 2NE1’s Park Bom; Yangpa; and Taiwanese star Wang Lee Hom.
So how did Henry find himself in Korea? At Berklee Henry made friends with many Korean students, he even gained himself a mentor in the form of Hoon Choi, in Korea Choi was a professor, and had played recording and live session bass for a whole host of artists, including g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo; JYP; and Epik High.

Once in Korea it was Choi that introduced Henry to three of his Howon University students that would later complete the Henry Bloomfield Band: Dongho Lee (guitar), Hyun Kyu Kim (bass), and Seungjin Hong (drums).

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Ms. Mary is not Henry’s only track, in fact this particular track was released on his own YouTube channel back in May, but it was only last week shared by CJE&M.


Henry is in love with his Home Room teacher, Ms Mary. Although not called Home Room in the UK you might have experience of this class, otherwise known here as your Form or Tutor Group. Although the mv appears to be set in the lower ages of education, Home Room in South Korea does continue all the way through education, as it does in the UK.

Setting Ms Mary in a Hagwon classroom more often frequented by younger children helps to capture the much used innocent image of Kpop. Henry was given special permission by his Hagwon principal to film his mv in his own classroom, the whole setting is genuine.

Combined with a little humour in the band’s actions, including competing to have the best fruit to give to Ms Mary, the visual captures the fun and fresh sound of the song.

Photos: Ms Mary mv

Henry Bloomfield’s jazz influences and mv styling may remind you of his Korean counterparts, solo artists also influenced by wider genres, such as John Park, Eddy Kim, and Roy Kim.

There is bound to be continued mixed opinion on acts like Henry Bloomfield, but Ms Mary is undeniably catchy.

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