For MV Monday Chuseok means no mv releases at the beginning of this week, but for Teaser Tuesday it does mean a whole host of teasers, due to release after the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. Today we’re taking a look at 2PM, Teen Top, and John Park.


Following their 6th anniversary 2PM are set to release their new album GO CRAZY! on September 15th, the mv releases tomorrow (10th). JYPE have released two teaser videos for the title single and an album sampler.
As with many Kpop albums it does sound like there are much stronger tracks than their title, though GO CRAZY! is certainly the catchiest, making it the perfect track to release.
For their Grown album 2PM discarded their young, fun-loving (and often topless) image to promote a more mature side to their group. GO CRAZY! shows that the members (fortunately?) still know what shirts are, but brings back their youthful, fun looking image. Its a compromise that seems logical.

One can only hope that 2PM are setting up the release of two MVs, a choreography and neon filled on, complete with the many expressions of Jun.K (co-writer of the title track) and the rest of the members. The second a Party Version that explains just how crazy a party they must have had to acquire that goat!


Teen Top

Teen Top are also set to return on Monday (15th), with Missing, alongside the EP Éxito. They have released two teasers, one narrative heavy, one featuring choreography. Chances are when the mv releases Missing will combine the two to make your standard Kpop mv.
With scenes filmed during their tour stop in Budapest, the mv looks like we may end up seeing members race against time to divert the destructive path C.A.P is set upon following, though their fate may be inevitable.
The dark nature of Missing is in trend in Kpop, and has been for over a year now. Teen Top often follow the trends in visual for their releases, and this time it looks set to mature their image. An idea their teaser photos support.

John Park

Solo artist John Park is set to return on Friday (12th). For his latest release Park aimed to combine his own soulful tones with a UK pop style. It shows off his strong baritone vocals, and his improved Korean expression.
The dark tones of the teaser visual match the strong, dramatic tones in the music and Park’s voice.
Park’s previous mv, Baby, was light and full of pastel tones, and portrayed the themes of attraction and magnetism. U looks set to be a darker, scarier take on these themes, delivering a sinister tale of obsession.



Are you looking forward to any of these release, or others we haven’t mentioned?


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