Today’s Weekly Idol Wednesday says come and get it with GOT7

GOT7 are a seven member boy group who debuted under JYP Entertainment and consist of Youngjae, Jackson, Mark, BamBam, Jr, Yugyeom along with the leader JB. They are the first hip-hop male group under said music label and specialise in martial arts tricking.

Before the creation of GOT7, Jr and JB were in a duo by the name of JJ Project and released their digital single Bounce in May 2012, but also appeared in the Kdrama Dream High 2. Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam competed against YG Entertainment trainees in the Mnet reality tv show Who Is Next: WIN.

After individual teasers on the internet, GOT7‘s debut single “Girls Girls Girls” was released in January 2014 and reached number 1 on various music sites. This was then followed by the arrival of their debut EP “Got It?” Prior to the official release of the second EP Got Love in June 2014, GOT7 provided their eager fans a taste of their daily life through their reality shows “RealGOT7” and “I GOT7.”

For “Got Love” promotions in summer 2014, “A” was the leading single from the second EP and in line with the comeback during this month, GOT7 had separate “A” story clips uploaded on JYP‘s Youtube channel where each member attempt to charm a girl. Her face is not shown but the camera work acts as our eyes so any fan can pretend to be in the female’s POV. The group’s popularity proved successful when it was announced “RealGOT7” would be renewed for a second season and that they will debut in Japan very soon. Hong Kong born Jackson has also accepted to take part on the second season of Roommate.

Popular songs

Girls Girls Girls

You can also check out our MV breakdown here

I Like You dance practice

**the Boyfriend version is highly entertaining**


The A MV was filmed in Malaysia.  I also recommend watching the dance practice video. The A+ version of the dance practice is extremely cheeky

GOT7 performing a short medley of Bi/Rain songs at M! Countdown 10th Anniversary show

Why I chose GOT7 for Weekly Idol

In the same way as how EXO got me a little bit curious, I have to say the mix of different Asian members that didn’t limit itself to just ethnic Koreans caught my eye to begin with. However as I got to know the music I found myself bopping away to their catchy songs, which truthfully took me a while to absorb while listening to the debut EP.

On the other hand, going through the “Got Love” album I’ve found they managed to show more than just a funky hip-hop side and provide catchy but happy songs. The martial arts tricking is certainly adventurous and I admire the guys for putting their strength into perfecting the movements while continuously dancing some cool choreography on stage. Their dance practice videos present their solid team work and in the case of the more tongue in cheek video clips, they show they can have a lot of fun together.


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