All hail the queens of the music industry! Don’t believe me? It’s in their name, say it slowly, like tiara… T-ARA.
This week the music charts are blessed with royalty once again, as the ladies have officially released the MV for their comeback song Sugar Free.

Core Contents Media‘s blue bloods are: Boram, Qri (current leader), Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Dani (T-ARA N4 sub-unit only). Previous members were Jiae and Jiwon (both pre-debut), Hwayoung and Areum.

Since their debut in July 2009, T-ARA have released one full studio album in Korea, Absolute First Album, and a string of Korean EPs and Japanese releases. Sugar Free is the title track of their 10th mini-album. Qri is the current leader, but they have a rotating leader system, with a different leader elected each year to allow the group to evolve.

While the latest release is their first stab at EDM, big room style, T-ARA’s music range and video styling are pretty multi-faceted: check out their multiple version MVs, sub-unit T-ARA N4, and various collaborations over the last few years and you’ll get the idea. If you’re swept away by their majesty, or want to know more, check out
T-ARA’s UK fanbase – United Queens.

Recommended MVs:

Sugar Free– released earlier today

Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy version) – an early catchy hit

Sexy Love (Dance Version)

Roly Poly – an MV wrapped up beautifully in a nostalgia-themed mini movie

Lovey Dovey (Zombie Version)

Because I Know – see the girls simply sing, no dancing

Jeon Won Diary – and now for something very different, from T-ARA N4


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