This week’s fan talent is a cover artist from Sweden! Impa (real name, Josefin) has been releasing English covers of k-pop songs on her YouTube channel since 2011. Since then, she’s recorded and released English versions of a range of top k-pop songs, covering a variety of genres.

Her high quality covers have gathered a lot of attention due to her creative lyrics and her attention to detail, one of her most popular videos being her English cover of Girl’s Day – Something. In fact, it’s become so popular that popular k-pop news site, Soompi, has interviewed her! Check it out here.

Impa is known to go to great lengths to perfect her covers, from writing the lyrics to creating the graphics and the overall look of her videos. She mentions in Soompi’s interview that she tries to replicate the overall look of the artist she’s covering, so look out for that in her next release!

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You can also request covers through her Tumblr. She’s stopped taking requests for the time being, so follow her and be the first to know when she’s taking them again! Alternatively, you can also follow and send her a message Twitter and Instagram.

Which of her covers is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! 


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