This weeks fan talents is Milae3, who you might recognise from the KBS World Festival in London. Milae3 are a 3 part female dance cover group, made up of Amy, Anya and Catherine.

Sisters Amy and Anya came across Catherine’s dance videos on YouTube, who they quickly became close friends with. Despite living so far apart, the team was formed in 2012, and they almost immediately started performing at events such as MCM Expo May 2013 and took part in the KBS World Festival in 2014. As of yet, there aren’t many group performances as they do live quite far apart, but they do have solo YouTube channels which are updated regularly.

The leader of the group is Amy, who at only 19 years old, already has over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube and 200 fans on Facebook. She lives in North West England where she studies Korean TESOL. Although she’s always had a passion for dance, it wasn’t until she was 11 when she decided to take up dance as a hobby, beginning with street dance and contemporary. Amy has been into K-pop since 2009 with groups such as SNSD who caught her attentions through their performances and choreography. After witnessing the hard work which goes into a K-pop performance, Amy became inspired and left street and contemporary dance behind to focus all her energy on K-pop routines. After only 4 years, she’s worked up a fanbase of regulars who eagerly wait, and request dance covers. Amy intends on having a future career in the South Korean industry, so look out for her in the future!

When it comes to her favourite K-pop groups, the list goes on and on, which means she’s happy to cover just about anything! If there’s anything you’d like to see in particular, you can send a quick message on  her official Facebook to request a cover. You can also find her upcoming events, performances, general updates and video releases, so click Like and don’t miss out! Although she doesn’t use Twitter, you can find her on Instagram and Tumblr.

Anya, Amy’s little sister, has started to get into K-pop after Amy introduced her to SNSD Gee back in 2009. She became fascinated with how the idols have complex dance routines, but still manage those flawless vocals. Inspired by her older sister’s success, Anya decided to do covers of her own. In 2011, she uploaded her first video. After just 3 years and at the ripe age of 16, Anya has managed to gain over 2,000 views for her videos, and collected almost 1,000 subscribers on her YouTube! She has since fallen in love with the energetic dances produced in K-pop, and is also open to requests. You can submit through her, Instagram, and Facebook.

Catherine has also discovered K-pop in 2009. At that time, she was taking intense ballroom lessons and also did contemporary dance but since discovering the power of K-pop, decided to leave these and cover K-pop dances instead.  Catherine has already raked up over 6,000 YouTube subscribers on her main YouTube account, with some of her videos going up to 90,000 views. Despite being quite shy, Catherine is becoming more confident through every performance and video she makes, and she’ll take up any opportunity to dance on stage! Her favourite groups include Teen Top, U-Kiss, BESTie, and Ladies Code. You can Like her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram for future updates. Catherine also has a second channel in which she posts vlogs, concerts experiences and more.

If you want to catch the girls performing live, head on down to MCM Expo May 2015 where they plan to be showcasing some of their favourite covers. In case you missed it, here’s their performance from MCM Expo May 2014. (Full version here).


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