Veteran rock band Jaurim is up for our Weekly Idol feature.

Jaurim are a four member rock group with Kim Yoon Ah on main vocals (she also plays guitar, keyboard and does the song writing), Goo Tae Hoon on drums/percussion, Kim Jin Man on bass, and Lee Sun Kyu on vocals and guitar. They debuted under Soundholic Entertainment in 1997 with their first single “Hey Hey Hey” which was on the OST for “A Man Who Is Holding Flowers.”

The band have a huge discography that continues to grow with works that have been a huge mix of EPs, full-length studio albums, unofficial albums, collaboration singles but also songs included on OSTs for films and dramas. In addition to that, they dive into many music genres that doesn’t limit itself to rock.

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Popular Songs

Hey Hey Hey

Yoon Ah singing Missing You with G-Dragon. Included on GD’s One Of A Kind EP.


Loving Memory with Drunken Tiger

Magic Carpet Ride


Dear Mother


Why I chose Jaurim for Weekly Idol

This is a band whose name that pops up everywhere on the internet and it was from their opening performance on Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013 that I saw them for the first time. An alternative rock group who remind me of a few indie rock bands from the West, I enjoy their ventures into different styles. Yoon Ah sings with such a range that makes her stand out and you can instantly recognise her just from her voice.


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