This week’s fanbase is iKON UK!

iKON UK was created by a fan who, even before their debut, wanted to show her full support and bring together British fans.

“The iKON UK fanbase was created on the 20th of November 2014 and I chose to create this fanbase, because I wanted to provide fans with updates, news and other information about iKON. I also wanted to help promote iKON as an upcoming rookie group and potentially help the fandom grow. In the foreseeable future fans can look forward to giveaways, meetups, future ideas and projects fans can get involved in.”

If you want a chance to win some giveaways and keep up to date on the group’s activities, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

They’re also recruiting for a variety of roles. Refer to the images below for more details. Email the following to;

Fluent in
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