There has been a lot of coverage on f(x)‘s Amber Liu and her recent debut as a solo artist lately. Now London-based magazine ‘Dazed and Confused‘ has even featured an interview with the K-Pop star on their website ‘Dazed Digital’!

The British publication has always endeavoured to keep its finger on the K-Pop pulse, and has covered many different K-Pop celebrities and single/album releases in the past. For this particular interview, they ask Amber what it is like for her to be a K-Pop star that doesn’t always fit the mould.

During her promotions as a soloist so far, Amber has been incredibly open about the difficulties she has faced as a K-Pop star that is less typically feminine. She also talks about struggling with the Korean language and trying to not regret and over-think things.

In a world where idols are encouraged to act as if they are super-human beings that encapsulate perfection, it is very refreshing to see Amber’s honesty in these interviews.

It is definitely an article worth reading, take a look at it here!

A wonderful quotation taken from the interview, said by the lady herself:

“‘Beautiful’ is about accepting who I am: it took me a while to gain confidence to say, ‘Screw it, I just wanna be me”.

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