I don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely excited when ‘Shake that Brass’ came out! I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Amber, but knowing her personality, it was sure to be something different!

The Song
The song itself does well to try and stay upbeat – and it does, however there are a couple of repetitive moments where I wanted to exit the song but the video was the only thing keeping me hooked. It seems SM has done this a lot with its solo artists, the videos appear to do them justice but the songs do not. Amber’s voice could have been better utilized – although it’s not like she sounds that bad here, she’s quite good.

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The Video
Bright, colorful and LOUD. But at the same time surprisingly easy on the eye. The video fits Amber’s outgoing personality perfectly and the choreography was simple but very catchy at the same time. (I saw that NaeNae Amber!) The cast was a really nice touch too, you don’t often see other agency artists in other videos – it made it all the more better! While the video itself didn’t have any particular plot – a possible weakness – the mix mash of colors and styles worked and didn’t make it seem trashy.


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