Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story! Instead of just one Fun Story we bring you a whole COMPILATION of many hilarious incidents involving some of our favourite idols and the interesting subject of fanfiction.

Fanfiction be seen as a rather awkward or taboo topic for many fans to discuss however for some, they enjoy it immensely. It is something that has eventually become a niche part in a fandom, similar to the likes of fanart, album, picture or video collecting or merchandise collecting. Fanfiction has been around for a while, not just for K-Pop fans but for just about nearly every other as fandom as well.

Let’s at first start with what fanfiction really is. Fanfiction are stories ranging in length from a paragraph to even heavily chaptered stories of a certain celebrity they like or character from a film, movie, television series, manga or anime for example and create another universe (AU) or a situation in which the reader or author meet the character (OC) or in a situation exclusively in the celebrity’s or character’s world.

Pairings are usually a rather main focus of the story to begin with. For example, the character is paired with a person they have certain chemistry with in the show, film, anime/manga or in real life, if a celebrity. That pairing is the center focus of the story, and much like a novel, will journey through a story. Popular parings include slash pairings i.e. a relationship between two characters of the same gender, and the fandom’s OTPs (One True Pairings).

Now here’s where K-Pop comes in. K-Pop fans have been known to write fanfiction of all sorts so surely, those celebrities fans wrote about must have read what their fans have written?

Well check out our list of hilarious incidents involving idols and fanfiction!


1. Chanyeol  of EXO accidentally gets sent fanfiction?


Starting off with this rather amusing situation that actually occurred just earlier this week when it had been spread online, a book written about him containing rather explicit smut (sexually explicit erotica) had been sent to him in the post.

Allegedly, the EXO fan who sent the package for apparent reasons, did not put their own address on it and instead only wrote it out to ‘Park Chanyeol’ and used SM Entertainment’s address as the return address.


The translation of this is as follows: So today, there was an EXO-L fans event of writing oneshot fanfics then it was made into anthology book and sent to fans. The fan who was responsible to send the printed books didnt want to reveal her name or address so she wrote down ‘Park Chanyeol/SM address’ as sender name. Unfortunately, one copy of book couldn’t reach the destination because of some problems and automatically resent back to the sender by post service which is Park Chanyeol from SM. Now the package is still in SM Building mistaken as fangift probably waiting to be transferred into Park Chanyeol.

EXO fans immediately began repeatedly spamming his Instagram and other social networking accounts begging him to not read the erotic slash fiction despite it being addressed to him.

Some fans comments can be seen here:

cr: lyrics.kashigasa.com


2. Heechul of Super Junior wrote, yes, wrote his own fanfiction. Not once – but twice.

It is probably safe to say this idol is the most comfortable in exploring the Super Junior’s fandom’s fanfiction, as it is said that the ‘4D’ member wrote this certain short fiction on his Cyworld Diary.

He wrote the fanfiction based on the famous Eunhae (Eunhyuk/Donghae) OTP of Super Junior. However since Siwon is usually a frequent participant in the pairing, it can also occasionally be an OT3 (similar to OTP but with three members) paring of the name EunSiHae.

Check it out here:

”EunSiHae Fanfic written By Kim Heechul on Cyworld Diary’

DongHae and Eunhyuk were lovers
They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous.

But one day,
Donghae told Eunhyuk-ee, let’s break up.
But Eunhyuk-ee loved Donghae so much
So he wasn’t able to say a word

Wasn’t able to say ‘Don’t go.’
Donghae just turned around and was leaving
And Eunhyuk wasn’t able to say anything.

Eunhyuk just followed Donghae, no plans of what to do.
And saw Donghae meet up with Siwon-ee.

Eunhyuk-ee hid, and watched the two
He was shocked but said,

“I broke up with Eunhyuk-ee. Don’t touch him ever again, and don’t bother him.”

“I don’t want to. How can I believe you? If you date me, I’ll believe that.”

“I only have Eunhyuk-ee”

Then, Siwon-ee grabbed some gasoline
And poured it on Donghae’s body.
Siwon-ee grew angry and said
“The only way I can believe that you broke up with Lee Hyukjae is that you date me, or die by my hands.”

Donghae said “I will die”

Then, before Siwon-ee turned on the lighter
He asked Donghae if he has any final words
Do you know what Donghae said?

“Eunhyuk-ah, close your eyes.”‘

It is said that Heechul just copied something that’s online, however only replaced the names.


The second time Heechul wrote his own fanfiction was on Instagram involving himself and Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk (TeukChul).

While at first the message appears to be a sincere message about his close relationship and friendship with the member, Heechul at the end adds his own humorous twist at the end of it to make it appear like a fanfiction, taking note of the story-like language of his writing.

He posted the following with the picture:

Teuk and I have the complete opposite personalities. Teuk just bears with everything and keeps it in, and I always scream and take care of it on the spot. Teuk is a little shy, and I’m a little crazy. Teuk made his half of our room completely white, and I made my half of our room completely red. Teuk says we should learn from yesterday, and I say let’s think about what to do tomorrow. However, since a few years ago when something happened that made me think, ‘Ah, I should always be on Teuk’s side’, I always followed Teuk’s opinions without even asking for his reasons whenever he asked me to do something, even if I didn’t listen to the label or my manager, even if I couldn’t understand what his reasons were. Like that, the two of us got deeper into each other and got attracted by each other’s gaze. Finally in the end, Heechul took a rough breath and started to stroke Teuk’s face….?! Kekekekekekekeke #fanfic #83 #old”

Heechul is known widely for his bold and jokey style of posting in online social media and this is no exception. Since the two members were born in the same year they are known as the 83 line in the group. As a result of course, Heechul took advantage of the knowledge of their fans shipping them together from their already incredibly close friendship.


3. Yesung of Super Junior read his own fanfiction of himself and Ryeowook (Yewook).

Check out the rather amusing video of him reacting to a question regarding him reading his fans fanfiction of him:

By Yesung’s blunt response to the question, it can be speculated that the other Super Junior members may have possibly read some of their own too, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


4. When TVXQ’s Yunho read some fanfiction of himself and Jaejoong (Yunjae)

This was one of the most famous OTPs in the K-pop fandom at one point, so when asked by his fans if he in fact received or read any fanfiction in a fancam, he replied,

“Me and Jaejoong are close. But we’re not that close.”


5. SS501’s Hyunjoong wrote a fanfiction of himself and fellow member Jungmin.

It was said by a fan online that the member  had mentioned in an interview that he wrote a fanfiction of himself paired with member Park Jung Min, though as a female. The rather long fanfiction was originally published on the internet depicting  a story containing letters exchanged by the two members along with their diary notes.

Check out the rather detailed and amusing fanfiction written by Hyunjoong, pertaining to his apparent ‘4D’ personality here, though we must warn you, this is quite long however worth the read, it turns hilariously random at some points!



His and Her Letters

Hello, Jungmin-ssi.Before I knew, I became 36 years old already.I… mmmm……Since I debuted when I was 20, 16 years have already passed.

Thinking of it now, it’s quite funny.It was when I was a kid that I met you.. I mean.The day Jungmin-ssi first met me..That was June 8th, one summer day.

It was my first day of debutand Jungmin was a girl from Ilsan.

I was so nervous that I said I’m going to bathroomand went to the bathroom but the performance was at nightso I had to walk into a dark corridor.

And then I had to keep walking in the darkand Jungmin-ssi’s skin was really blackso I thought there wasn’t anyone and ended up kissing you.

I think that’s when Jungmin-ssi started following me around.

It’s really… a weird fate, isn’t it?

Thinking on it now,I think Jungmin was a very innocent child.

To think, just because of that reason, for 16 yearsYou’re still standing in front of my house….

hhhhhhhh (like creepy snickering…)

At the time, I was a popular idoland now there’s only Jungmin-ssi left.

I’m nobody nowand I’m thankful that Jungmin-ssi still wait for me in front of the houseAnd I wonder sometimes… What’s so likeable about me..

To Jungmin-ssi,What do you like so much about me?????

It’s really funny the way people meet….kkkkkkkkk

Ah!!!! In 2007 Do you remember when I went to Japan???

To expand to Japan…At that time Jungmin-ssi told me not to go at the airport..And took out the screw of the airplane wheelSo the take off got 5 hours delayed…

At the time, we were really young kidsBut now you’ve become a fat middle aged woman.. and me too.ahhhhhhh.

When I think of that time… It makes me laughAnd so I think of it whenever I’m feeling down.

The reason I’m suddenly writing this letterIs because I feel bad that you’re still waiting for me in front of the house.

Honestly, I’m not a good writerand this is the first time I’m writing a letter like this so it’s awkward.

I’m not a good writer so I’ll stop here.

My last fan Jungmin-ssi…..I got the belt you sent me yesterday.I needed a belt so thank you for giving it to me as a present.

I’ll stop here.Your eternal celebrityKim Hyun Joong…..

I’ll leave my autograph in the mailbox every day….Sending you the 4567th autograph..


Her Letter

Oppa… I mean, Hyunjoong. I’m quite oldand unemployed so I always feel guilty that I’m lying to you.

But my heart still beats fast when I see you.Why does it do that??????

Yesterday I sent a belt through Young Saeng. I don’t know if you got it well.I wonder if Young Saeng gave it to you.I’m worried but I trust you got it. kkkk.

I know I don’t look that way but in truth…I’m 64 years old. Isn’t that amazing???

I try to look youngand tell people I’m 21 but people don’t believe me…

I guess you can’t lie about your age..Sigh……………………………………………

Since you don’t like long letters, I’ll stop here. Bye.Please be cool Hyunjoong in the future… kkkkkYour eternal fan Jungmin…………………………….And thank you for the autograph.



His and Her Letters

Hello Jungmin-ssi.I’ve done photoshoots since the morning today and looking at the pictures that came outJungmin-ssi was in all the photos in front of me.When were you sitting in front of me with that smirk????

As expected, Jungmin-ssi is scary…. hhhh

I’m going to Korea this week.You’re not following me again, are you????

I know it all. The daily dissing and torturing ofHyungjoon is just so you won’t get caught as a fan, right?

I know it all so why don’t you try torturing someone else?

Mmmm….. Kyujong?????Youngsaeng?????Since it doesn’t like you’ll torture me since you like me…I’ll give up on that..

Ah!!!You can sleep without ear plugs and eye covers now.Because I’m going to be moving.To a room that’ll take about… 19 seconds to walk from Jungmin-ssi’s room. So I guess I can’t play the guitar that Jungmin-ssi likes for you anymore.Please don’t cry because I’m moving.

Gasp!!! Even now, you were watching me from behind me.In panic I changed the browser window…..Fortunately, you didn’t see me write.If you saw it, you would have hit me again because you like me too much. – -I’ll stop writing now..Ah! And I’ll give the belt back to you.It was too big because it was previous used by Jungmin-ssi.

Your celebrity, Kim Hyunjooong.


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Hello, Hyunjoong-ssi.It’s me Jungmin. Even just now, I ate and then went to your room.And then I panicked and closed the door for you without saying anything.

Before, instead of eating at the table togetherI ate on my own in the room while on the computer, right?There were 16 pieces of chickenAnd I wanted attention so I said I’ll just take a little bitand took just the 6 drumsticks. I’m sorry.

Before Kyujong and Hyungjoon and YoungsaengI wanted to get Hyunjoong-ssi to eat first.So I separated out the meats and put them in the contact lenses.Eat lots and practice hard.

Ah!! I gave you the wrong belt.That’s the one I was using beforeSo it’s probably 56 inches… I’m sorry.

Ah~~ I’m slowly becoming hungry..I should eat soon. What should I eat?

I guess I’ll have a simple meal of 24 sushi and 4 ramen and 56 dumplings.

It’s not really enough but since it’s late at night… I’ll get fat.Bye.



His and Her Letters

Ah~~~ Long time no see.You’ve been well, right?????

I’ve been to Korea.Since I came back after about…. 5 years…Mmm… I’m sorry.Have you been well for the 5 years??

I secretly got married in Korea.I knew that if I got married in Japan, Jungminssi would burn the wedding hall.I know Jungmin-ssi is the kind of person who would even put on firethe Korean Gas Association’s main office when she’s angry…

I’m on the plane going to Japan with my wife.

Ah! I’m sorry but I moved the home in Japan.To somewhere Jungmin-ssi doesn’t know. In case you already found outI temporarily prepared two houses.So I can run away at any moment. I know you’re angry.

But under the tuxedo at the weddingI wore the belt that Jungmin-ssi gave me… so forgive me.

I’ll pray that Jungmin-ssi would also meet someone nice and live a happy life.I’ll stop here… and this may be the last letter……Since I’ve now become the core of a family……..

But still your eternal oppa.



^^Don’t worry.I went to Korea too and went to the wedding. ^^At the beginning I was a little sad and cried every dayand didn’t eat and stuffBut now I’ve snapped out of it and diligently dug for gas in DubaiAnd now I’ve really~~~~~

become a billionaire.

Now I’m in the business of selling weapons to U.S. and Russia.

In the shed at my home I have tanks and.. Mmmm.. What else was there….Tomahawk missiles and AK rifles and mmmm….. stuffHummers and anyway, there are lots of toys like these.

Ah! In the swimming pool,I have Aegis Combat system and aircraft carriers.. Hehe.

To have collected all these things… I must have become immature in my old age.



His and Her Letters

This may be just coincidentalBut I accidentally fired the Tomahawk missileAnd a house in Nagoya blew up. T.T

But coincidentally the owner’s name was Kim Hyunjoong-ssi.I’m sorry…. I’ll pay for the damages.

And one more thing!!! What’s even more amazing is that coincidentally,the person moving to the house next to me alsohas the life of Kim Hyunjoong.. Really.. amazing, amazing.

So I think I’ll follow around that person who’s moving beside me.

Hyunjoong-ssi. Have a happy life in Korea.Don’t worry about me…..

Goodbye my love…

I should go and buy more sniper rifles.Bye…~~ I’ll be back after shopping~~~



One day in year 2060… The World War 3 seemed to have started.Centered somewhere in Japan…


His Diaries..

Ah… Where could this be? After regaining consciousnessafter hearing the explosion and the house collapsedThe TV that was on faintly said that World War 3 has started and then turned off.Where could my wife be..?Ah~~~~~~~~ I really don’t know what’s going on.I need to get out through that hole that I see 400 meters above me… but there’s nothing.All I have for food is the 100 boxes of ramen that I’ve hidden… What should I do?


Year 2060, April 3rd.

It’s been one week. The sound of explosions still continue above me.So that I won’t forget the passing of time, I will record the days and write diaries.I will survive for sure.


Year 2062, April 3rd.

What is this… anxious feeling? It’s been two years since I swore to myself I’ll get out.Eating just the ramen crumbles for the past 2 years makes my tummy hurt.My hair have gotten so long that I roll it up and use it as a pillow and I use my beard as a blanket.Ah… I want to wash.Above ground, the sounds of war continue on.


Year 2062, May 1st.

I was almost dying today… but~~~~ From somewhereI followed the sound of running water andI found a hose with hot water. I can eat boiled ramen instead of dried ramen now.Thank you God.


Year 2063, December 5th

Ah. It’s so cold. It must be winter. Fortunately, I could melt the snow and drink cold water instead of the hot water.When will the war end and when will I be able to get out of here… It’s really agonizing.Please help, God.The food storage remaining is 34 boxes of ramen.


Year 2064, August 8th.

Oh, my… It’s summer already. I’m dying from heat.That bastardly hot water pours out now that it’s summer.Ah~~~ It’s hot. There’s not much ramen left. The hair is now 10 meters longso I wove it with the beard to make a tent.I want to get out. I want to see the wife………… Wife.. Are you even alive?


Year 2064, October 1st.

The ramen have run out. Sigh…………….I guess I die now. I’m getting faint.. Mmm… Oh~!!From somewhere, I hear cries of help. Ah… I hear it every day these days.Am I hallucinating……..? Will I fall just like this.The remaining food is 0 ramen.


Year 2064, October 23rd.

I’m now a goner…… I couldn’t escape the 400 meters undergroundand I persisted for 4 years… The ramens that protected me andthe hot water that tortured me, Goodbye, I’m going……….Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see something shiny over there. What is it….?This is… the belt I got as a present from Jungmin-ssi……Really.. It reminds me of the old days. Sigh……………. If I had married Jungmin-ssi then,It wouldn’t have come to this at least….. Ah~~~~ Is this where my destiny ends…?But is that a saving light….? A rope is coming down.I’m losing my consciousness….. Losing… los..ing……………..


Her Diaries.

Year 2060, Febuary 6th.

Today, I put enough explosives around Hyunjoong-ssi’s house to make the house collapse about 400 metersand now I’m really tired. Mmmm…. I’m sorry but..For betraying me… He needs to pay….. Hehe.I’m hungry. I should order some Chinese food for night snacks~~~Mmm.. 435-3*** ~~~ Hello? is that Myungwonkwan?Ah, right~~~ I’m in Japan now……. Mmmm… But I’m hungry….I guess I’ll simply have to cook some ramen in the bathtub.


Year 2060, March 26th.

I bought a bit of land and the TV station… and broadcasted in this district that there’s a World War 3.The land too… I bought the whole district.It’s okay since I still have money I made in Dubai… ^^Heheheh… Today, I kidnapped Hyunjoong-ssi’s wife and hit her a few timesAnd she says she’s leaving for Korea because she’s scared. So I… sent her there by express post.I recorded her crying too… Should I start the fireworks now…?3….2…..1… Ah, right… before I do that, I should eat rice with the remaining broth in the bathtub~~^^@#$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%#@#%$@%#Ah~~ That was good. Nos.. 3…2…1… Mmm. As expected, with the land sinking, Hyunjoong-ssi goes down too. kk.


Year 2062, April 5th.

I’ve been watching with a telescope and… Mmmm.. Hyunjoong-ssi’s hair’s gotten much longer so he uses it as a pillow to sleep.. kkHis survival abilities are the best. ^^ As expected of my ideal man. ^^But is it really okay to keep living just eating ramen…? I should send him some hot water tomorrow.Today, I’ll shoot my gun near the hole when I read.. to go with the World War 3 atmosphere. ^^


Year 2063, December 24th.

Mmmm…. Really to that extent… Hmm… So tenacious. As expected of my ideal man…^^Today is Christmas eve and I want to give a present to Hyunjoong-ssi….I didn’t have anything to give, so I’ll just give him lots of hot water~~^^Let’s open up the faucet a bit~~^^ Please accept, here goes the hot water~~~Ah, it’s cold…………It snowed a lot today… Hm… I should make some patbingsoo (shaved ice).. Ah.. Sounds yummy. ^^


Year 2064, September 24th.

It’s almost there now~~ I’ll throw the casette with the wife’s voice over~~there.kkk. He must be reaching the limit now~~~^^Hyunjoong-ssi. Keep going just a bit longer. I’m sorry. Aja, aja, fighting~~^^Ah, right. Today is Chuseok…. I should make rice cakes~~~ It’s bothersome..Today, I should just read a poem.Title.Hole in ground.

That huge hole in groundYou’re not a hole in ground of vengeancebut love’s hole in ground.With my whole heart, hole in ground (goodungie) and not maggots (goodugie)I want to eat maggots too.Mmm…… I should go eat maggots…..^^ Sounds yummy.. Hehe..


Year 2064, October 22nd.

The last stage, let’s throw the belt down~~ So he would miss me. ^^Shooo~~~~~~~~~ Ahh~~~ It’s going down so well.If you regret and think of me after looking at the belt, I’ll pull you up.10 minutes later…………..Wow~~ You’re regretting and missing me~~ I’ll pull you up now.Hold this rope~~~ honey~~~^

When he opened his eyes, Jungmin-ssi was smiling……………He cried as he told Jungmin that he loves her and the two got married.He has now become a great businessmen in ramen business and made lots of moneyand bought lots of land and……..

….is collecting weapons.


It has been noted that the fan who posted this said that apparently Jungmin actually read the fanfiction and apparently ‘freaked out’ amusedly.

With that being said, Hyunjoong isn’t a stranger to creating his own stories having previously drawn a fanfiction/fanart based story of aliens on his fancafe entitled: ‘The War with Aliens’ which can be seen by clicking the link here.



6. Tiffany enjoys being paired with her fellow Girls’ Generation members

Although this isn’t fanfiction related per se, during an interview of Tiffany and Jessica, where both members pose cutely at the mention of their pairing name: JeTi, Tiffany later says its cool to be paired with her fellow members to which she then goes on to explain the idea of pairing the members being like ice cream.

Check out the interview here:


7. U-Kiss’ previous member Alexander has mentioned read fanfiction.

The U-Kiss member let slip to his fans on twitter once to have read his own fanfiction of the other members.

However not only did he read some, he even wrote one of his own. Back in 2010 Alexander posted on his twitter an apparent fanfiction written in the third person of himself, an apple, and a box of chocolate almonds sprouted from an apple seed, much to the hilarity of those who were fortunate enough to see it.


8. Block B’s Zico expects his fans to produce better fanfiction?

The rapper at a fansinging event apparently shared how he read fanfiction about himself and the group and told his fans that the ‘level’ of them was too weak saying

“Can our fans only write this much?”



9. Although these are not sourced or confirmed, here’s a short mention to other rumored allegations:

– Of the Super Junior members, apparently member Shindong said Eunhyuk had recommended a KangTeuk (Kangin/Leeteuk) Mpreg (Male pregnant) fanfiction.

– A 2pm member has been known to have read his own fanfiction.


What do you think of the funny incidents?

Do you know of any more that have happened?


Let us know in the comments!


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