If you’re going Crazy over 4Minute’s comeback, you’re not alone. The five-member girl group has been shaking their thang all over the charts this month, to the delight of their fanbase 4nia.

The foxy five are Jihyun (leader), Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun (maknae).

4Minute are celebrating their sixth year as a group with Cube Entertainment this year. Before they even debuted in June 2009 with Hot Issue, K-pop fans were excited for what was nicknamed ‘Hyuna’s group’, as 4Minute marked her post-Wonder Girls return to the industry.

The early MVs may look pretty cutesy, but one of their first tracks Won’t Give You was banned from air by KBS for its supposedly sexual content. And some catchy tunes paired with legs-out sexy styling is definitely what we expect now from the gals – ever since the MV for Huh, released in May 2010, paired them in some unzipped overalls and croppy tops. The MV for latest comeback Crazy delivers in bold and sexy monochrome- check out our breakdown here.

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The song is the title track from their 6th mini-album, which the girls have all contributed lyrics to. Crazy is the second tune to be released – the first release earlier this year was a rare ballad, Cold Rain.

4Minute have one sub-unit, 2YOON (Gayoon and Jiyoon); but Hyuna is well-known for both her solo and sub-unit success with Troublemaker. It’s great to see the girls perform as a unit though – and last year they were the first girl K-pop band to hold European solo concerts, as they brought their ‘Fan Bash’ to both Spain and Sweden. In their recent 1theK interview the girls all praised Spanish food and a desire to return to Europe – with any luck, next time they might stop by the UK.

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Huh – featuring labelmates Beast

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