More success for 2ne1’s Crush album which was released last January continues to reign in, with the South Korean girl group named the ‘favourite girl group’ by Billboard’s readers! In the polls, which were open for three days and reportedly racked in thousands of votes, they were up against British girl group Little Mix – who came in second place, with t.A.t.U coming in third place.


Here’s the breakdown of the poll results from which featured not only 2ne1 as the ‘Favourite Girl Group Album’ but also the ‘Most Promising New Girl Group’ which shows how much support these girls have internationally given by their dedicated fan base’s high ranking in comparison to the Little Mix and Fifth Harmony to being the only K-group to be high-lightened in the polls.  With there being much anticipation for CL’s US debut next month, will there be a potential 2ne1 US debut in the future? Let’s hope so!


Finally to finish, 2ne1 was not the only K-pop group in this poll, with quirky Orange Carmel known for their unique concepts came in 1st place on the ‘Underrated Girl Group poll’


Credit: Billboard

Favorite Girl Group Album

1. 2NE1, Crush (32.5% of vote)
2. Little Mix, Salute (12.7%)
3. Fifth Harmony, Reflection (10.5%)

Most Promising New Girl Group

1. 2NE1 (45%)
2. Little Mix (24.9%)
3. Fifth Harmony (21.1%)

Most Underrated Girl Group

1. Orange Caramel (50.2%)
2. t.A.T.u. (25.2%)
3. Girls Aloud (4.6%)

Credit: Kpopstarz


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