Fans of Korean culture can’t help but have caught a whiff of the snack craze that began at the end of last year and still shows no signs of stopping: Honey Butter Chips.

The crisps, a heady blend of ‘French butter and acacia honey’ according to makers Haitai, seem to have driven consumers of all ages wild, leading to shop shortages, ridiculous auction prices, and a ‘one bag per customer’ policy in convenience stores.

K-pop stars haven’t been immune to the sweet and salty mix either. Girls Generation’s Seohyun, BESTie’s Hyeyeon, JYJ’s Jaejoong and Hello Venus have all posted gloating pics with or of the snacks.

Launched in August 2014, the original selling price was around 1,500 won per bag, but bags are now being sold for 2,400 won and up. There’s a smartphone app for people trying to track down the chips, and most stores only allow one bag to be bought per person.

Earlier this year the company released a sister snack, Honey Butter Tong Tong which is thicker and triangular in shape, and many imitation snacks have popped up too. Having sampled the Japanese version made by the same company, I can attest they have a very moreish, light and sweet flavour. I might need to sample some more to be sure.

Desperate to ditch the Walkers and try some? Fear not, you can grab yourself a bag for about £8-12 on ebay.

Have you tried Honey Butter Chips? Let us know how they taste!


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