Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story! This week features a rather interesting insight to when Korean and American culture collide with some rather interesting… choices.

YouTube channel sw yoon, known previously for posting the viral video ‘Korean girls are introduced to Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ to which the girls compared the video’s outlook on the shift of American female beauty standards to that of Korea’s as well as their perspective on the misogynistic views of women in society. Check it out here if you missed it!

WARNING: Explicit content and language


Just earlier this week the YouTube channel posted another video of the girls reacting to British boy band One Direction! The video provides yet another intriguing perception of British boy bands in comparison to Korea’s K-Pop idols. It seems like the group is well recognised in Korea as a few of the girls commented on knowing of them as well and admiring their styles however regarded them as being ‘greasy’ here meaning cringey.

The girls also commented on the difference of Western appearances of the boys, focusing on the boy’s prominent facial hair compared to the absence of body hair of Korean idols as well as being shocked at how young the members actually were, with one of the girls light-heartly joking that she has a chance and she’d like them to call her.

The girls then had a chance to view their debut music video ‘What makes you beautiful’ to which many of them recognised and one of them even mentioned having it as her ringtone at one point! The girls seemed to prefer this one more, regarding them comparable to how when younger their image quite like TVXQ, Super Junior and SHINee back when they first debuted was rather cute then later showed a manlier image as time goes on.

The contrast between Western and Korean fan culture is also made apparent during the video where the girls admire the members having ‘strong mentalities’ for being able to date so freely and not receive any backlash for it.


It really seems like the girls preferred this image of the group, particularly fangirling at the moments of the members being shirtless, jokingly commenting on Harry Style’s nostrils, their cute appearances; wanting group to cut their facial hair and serenading the female love interest of the music video.

Check it out here!


The next video is of the girls reacting to the 2012 American movie ‘Magic Mike’. Known for its explicit content and targeted towards female audience for its abundance of shirtless stripping men, this is a video that will bring you laughter as the girls react in shock to the explicit nature of the film’s racy scenes.

Check out the video here:


Instead of girls reacting this time, the final video is of Korean guys reacting to the 2014 American parody film entitled ‘The Interview’. The film was originally pronounced too inappropriate to place in theaters in the UK and the USA for it’s controversial content towards North Korea. It had been reported North Korea’s government threatened merciless action against America upon its release. However the film had been eventually placed in theaters in the UK albeit being under-screened and under-promoted as a result.

The men had generally light-hearted views of the film in a comedic sense with some of the men having seen the film. However although most thought of the idea as a means of America expressing their political views of North Korea’s leader being a generally disliked figure, some did deem it inappropriate to make a comedy movie about the idea of an assassination attempt of a country’s leader as a moral statement.

Nevertheless most did feel it up to the citizen of South Korea to be able to freely watch the film, seeing as the movie had been banned from South Korea after concluding it would possibly strain relations between North and South Korea if it premiered in the country.

Check out the video below:



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