So we all know Rap Monster, leader of BTS with a fierce and earnest rapping style that makes one sit up and listen. Prior to releasing his own mixtape, Rap Mon released the track P.D.D. What struck me upon first hearing this track was that one, it was completely and utterly ‘Rap Monster’. Through the entire song, the message was clear and his influence filled every nook and cranny of this song. Let’s look into the lyrics.

The lyrics of the song are raw and self-explanatory. In this track Rap Monster declares to his haters, that they can do what they want but it will not affect him. He implies that he’s been through a hell of a lot with haters on his back, attacking him from the start of his career, but he’s still made it. He’s debuted as a leader and he’ll continue to rise.

The song explores the fact that Rap Mon has used his hater’s criticism as fuel for his determination and success. While he’s not a perfect person, he’s never had to rely on begging them to support him or recognize him. He tells his haters that once they witness his success they’ll be sorry they doubted him. Meanwhile, he’s still got those who believe in him to keep him going.

Trying to sense the meaning behind this song is both easy and harder. This song clearly illustrates Rap Monster’s attitude towards his haters – he doesn’t take their words to heart – he uses them as fuel to drive his own determination to succeed. Indeed, Rap Monster has been criticized in the past and also now. It can’t have been easy to deal with, but this song clearly justifies that, yes Rap Mon is prepared to take on these critics and show them he is made of more and can achieve more.

The video is not much – just a tour of LA and some background scene shots – but it keeps the focus of the listener on Rap Monster and the powerful, upfront and from-the-heat message he makes.


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