K-Pop is no stranger to some crazy fashion choices, and there are some prime examples on display in the music video world. From Crayon Pop’s helmets to Dara’s hair in 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’ MV, we are going to take a look at the dramatic, the bold and the ridiculous in this month’s playlist!


1) BIGBANG- ‘Fantastic Baby’

First stop, post-apocalyptic Rapunzel hair. Lead singer G-Dragon sports long orange locks, whilst sitting on a throne, because what else would he be doing? With hair like this, I’m thinking it probably isn’t worth the effort to even move, so he rightfully sits and sings a little bit. Shoutout to the monster things at the end of the video!


2) Orange Caramel- ‘Catallena’

Now, I’ve heard of a mermaid dress, but from what I remember it bears no resemblance to the *questionable* fashion that pops up throughout this MV. Like a potato sack covered in disco ball sequins, the girls sit in front of an aquatic backdrop, presumably waiting for their new stylists to arrive. Also, double polka dot isn’t doing anyone any favours.


3) GOT7- ‘Stop Stop It’

Who can forget the AMAZING trend of wearing dungarees with hoodies and sweatshirts? Oh wait, I can, because it never existed. Taking 90’s nostalgia to an uncomfortable extreme, I think it’s best that this fashion stayed in the past.


4) 2NE1- ‘I Am The Best’

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big 2NE1 fan. And some of their style choices are very fashion-forward and really hit the mark. But we have to discuss Dara’s hair at the end of this MV. Part Teletubby, part TV aerial, Dara dances whilst her hair remains strictly vertical. The worrying thing is she kept this hair for press events and photographs, for reasons we’ll never know.


5) T-ARA & Chopstick Brothers- ‘Little Apple’

What do you get if you cross the outfits from Kill Bill with a hugely popular K-Pop group? You get this video right here.


6) Strawberry Milk- ‘OK’

Despite the title of this song, there are many things that aren’t *OK* in this video. Special attention should be given to the man with the Pop Tart for a head, the large straws on the back of the dresses, and wearing pink slippers in the middle of a dance number.


7) Crayon Pop- ‘Bar Bar Bar’

I have no doubt that being a K-Pop star can be a little dangerous at times. Complicated dance routines, cameras following your every move, dancing like a a bird in the middle of traffic. However, even I would like an explanation for the helmets. No doubt it makes the MV fun and memorable though, so there’s a silver lining!


8) Infinite H- ‘Pretty’

Now, I like Infinite H. They have some super cool videos, and this one definitely isn’t bad. However, halfway through the video, one of the members is wearing what can only be described as a tea towel. Sure, it floats around and looks cool whilst he dances, but I don’t know who could possibly have let him put it on.


9) Chamsonyeo- ‘Magic Words’

Somewhere in Seoul, there is a costume shop that sells little rabbit ears that can be worn as a headpiece. Somewhere not far away is Chamsonyeos’ stylist, who decided it would make the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Whilst this trend doesn’t seem to be limited to Chamsonyeo by any means (I’ve seen it countless times today scrolling through videos), it is a trend I would like to end, alongside the dungarees we saw before.

So that’s it! We’ve made a playlist for you to check out, and whenever you feel like you’re having a bad fashion day, take a look and remember we all make questionable decisions from time to time!


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