MV Monday this week takes a look at the return of Mamamoo, and their unique mv for Um Oh Ah Yeah.

Mamamoo’s mv certainly takes on a different approach to a visual than the usual Kpop girl group style.

Um Oh Ah Yeh takes a subversive look at gender roles, having the members cross dress to act out exaggerated gender stereotypes.
The mv might be amusing but makes poignant commentary on their own industries portrayal of both genders; the over sexualisation of females, and the common male tropes, the perfect gentleman and the bad boy.

Um Oh Ah Yeh is an impressive release from the group, and perfectly fits the time of year with its fun, colourful vibe.

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Be sure to check out the group’s EP Pink Funky, available on iTunes.

Video Highlights:

  • Kim Tae Woo has fun in his Lonely Funk mv
  • Bright colours are definitely in trend as summer begins, Sistar show you how to Shake It in their new mv
  • Jay Park and Prepix released the choreography video for Mommae
  • Tiger JK is back with Forever featuring Yoonmirae, read our interview with MFBTY here
  • Last Health Boys came to an end on Gag Concert, in 16 weeks Mr Bok never got a line, not that many people would have noticed he was speaking anyway



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