The sexiest and most daring MV in the K-pop charts right now? Forget those Big Bang, SHINee and EXO lads – give this one to ANDA and her comeback MV Touch.

The female soloist is all about the girl on girl action in her MV, flirtatiously lolling between a girl’s legs in the bath, and batting her eyelids up at the woman standing over her ready for some action. While most British viewers probably wouldn’t bat an eye, it’s daring given that lesbians don’t get a lot of screen time on mainstream Korean TV shows – the first lesbian kiss on mainstream Korean telly only happened a few months ago. It’s not an entirely original MV though – it’s said to be a homage to Fiona Apple’s Criminal.

Regardless of the origins, with this comeback ANDA is living up to her nickname, ‘the lady Gaga of K-pop’ with yet another visually and vocally striking release.

Won Min Ji first debuted as Andamiro with Trophy Entertainment in 2012. She jumped camp to Emperor Entertainment this year and now releases under the name ANDA.

Like many K-pop artists ANDA has an active Instagram account where she posts a variety of personal pics, including many behind the scenes no-makeup shots, and her stylishly-decorated nails.(And here’s one of her very enviable washboard tummy). If you got it, flaunt it?

Recommended MVs


Mastering – released earlier this year

Waiting (Featuring Double K)


Don’t Ask (feat YDG) – her debut release


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