For this Fan Talent article, we’re looking at ‘KawaiiandKpop’! This is a clay charm online shop based in Canada, I stumbled upon this by finding the creator’s deviantart account to find the adorable little charms that are all individually handmade from cold porcelain clay!

The website for this shop offers a selection of charms, some inspired from the K-pop world including B.A.P, BIGBANG, EXO and 2NE1 charms in the collection but Studio Ghibli fans will be glad to know that there’s a number of charms from the popular films ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Spirited Away’ – fun fact, the latter being a personal favourite of mine since childhood! There’s also cupcake and other cute assorted charms available to buy!

Some important information if you’re interested in purchasing any of the items showed below or on the website! There’s currently a clearance sale going on, so make sure if you like something – grab it before it’s gone!

-ALL orders come with two exclusive charms
-Random orders will be given a baggy of exclusive charms
-Returning customers & Higher prices (without shipping) will raise your chance of receiving a free bag of charms
-All orders will be shipped out 1-2 days after I have received the payment

Contact link to website                          Website – FAQ



Left to Right:

1. Big Bang Crown Bottle Charm – $4.00

2. EXO Logo Bottle Charms – $4.00




3. BIGBANG Crown Dust Plug – $2.50

4. BIGBANG Crown Clay Charm – $2.50







 5. 2NE1 Clay Cookie – $3.25       6. EXO Logo Clay Charm – $3.00






 7. EXO Cookie – $2.50

8. Smart Cookie – $3.00






9. BAP Matoki (Small) – $4.00

10. BAP Matoki (Full Set) – $20.00


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